It works both using p and i. Don’t know if its because its using SDI. Intensity works with the software you love to use! Streaming Mbit and recording on p with a p source also no problem. I installed the update and my camera now is recognized in Wirecast.

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Telestream Community Forum – Intensity Shuttle USB not recognized

Outputting Photoshop dhuttle from Intensity lets you see the correct color and the effects of video interlace and field movement. Intensity features the highest quality HDMI connections that are the worldwide standard for consumer digital video equipment. Media Express Capture, playback, organize, manage media. When rendering your project, processing quality using the Blackmagic codec is full 16 bit, so you always get the advantage of uncompressed video.

Intensity Shuttle USB 3 on an iMac

The hardware is a mid 15″ 16GB and a dedicated stream partition on Yosemite Now you can capture the highest uncompressed HD video with portable devices that are powered from the computer connection! It seems to work if it is the only device connected. Blackmagic updates their drivers it seems like every few weeks. That would be a great help.


Adobe Photoshop CC Intensity includes special Photoshop plug-ins, so you can directly capture intensiy output still frames from within Photoshop. Confirm your sources via the “Show Sources Settings” and check you got good image and correct resolution.

I’ve also done this on late MacPro and others have used six Mini Recorders on those. You can use a BM Thunderbolt device on each Thunderbolt port. Though I never recommend using Wifi in any case. Intensity Shuttle for USB 3.

Record your Game Play! Is anyone else able to get this to work? Versions may be factors in your success. Intensity is available in a choice of models featuring either USB 3.

There’s several good choices. Avid Media Composer has been the choice of professional editors for over 20 years. Quit MediaExpress when you see all your sources. The CPU syuttle it without any issues with all sources set to p or i. Streaming Intensity is fully compatible with popular video and audio streaming software so you can get your live stream to thousands, even millions of online viewers!

You can capture live game play, archive family movies and create amazing videos in full broadcast quality video! That device is driverless. TIP – If there are some glitches or weird things that don’t work, generally, I always start building a new setup Wirecast document and don’t load an old setup.


It has worked for me several times. Current version of Blackmagic Driver is So I had to find the exact order to do this, again.

I’m about to do a videoblog about 4 camera on a laptop with two shuttle and 2 Ultrastudio. Here I haven’t tried that many times. Start building your Wirecast camera and source setup. Make sure you have latest version of Wirecast and Desktop Video Utility. I will need to hook up the entire setup to confirm it’s fixed, but this is further than I’ve been able to get up to now.

And have you tried using another resolution.