Hold the soldering iron tip and solder strand against the component lead until the solder melts. On Screen Display Menu 6. RGB sync on green is through Scart connection More information. Disconnecting or reconnecting any electrical plug or other electrical connection. Quickly move the soldering iron tip to the junction of the component lead and the printed circuit foil, and hold it there until the solder flows onto and around both the component lead and the foil. Excellent value More information.

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Trouble in the H-sync input circuit. Bend the two remaining leads perpendicularly to the circuit board. Keep the soldering iron tip clean. Microsoft, Windows, and Windows Vista are either More information. The only warranties for HP More information.

Service work should be performed only after you are thoroughly familiar with all of the following safety checks and servicing guidelines. User Manual and Installation Guide. Microsoft, Windows, and Windows Vista are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United More information.

Sync 11 GND – V. Connect the replacement transistor leads to the corresponding leads extending from the circuit board and crimp the U with long nose pliers to ensure metal-to-metal contact, then solder each connection. Replace the main board or replace Scaler.


Remove defective diode by clipping its leads as close as possible to diode body. Is the power cord well connected?

Do not use freon-propelled spray-on cleaners. Set up the tracking See the SVC manual at page 14th. Back to Contents Page Preface: Forum Participate our Velleman Projects Forum. Desolder and straighten each IC lead in one operation by gently prying up on the lead with l10 soldering iron tip as the solder melts.

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Before using it, read this manual carefully to become familiar More information. Prevention is better than cure. Connecting Monitor Cables 5. Be sure that no power is applied to the chassis or circuit, and observe all other safety precautions.

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Only use an anti-static type solder removal device. Do not any spray chemicals on or near this instrument, or any of its assemblies. Only use the test fixtures specified in this service manual with this instrument.


Check the waveform of pin 17 of -com u4. Switching to factory alignment mode Press daesoo key with Brightness left key at the power off status. If they are not shiny, reheat them and apply additional solder if necessary.

Keep the User’s Guide CD in an accessible place for future reference. Check the picture quality of your monitor or TV, ideal for adjustment or troubleshooting.

JuneRev 1 1 http: Video Video Has display image only white? Is the noise displayed on the screen? Used for the easy. Check the video signal cable or R,G,B con-ass y. Terms as marked on equipment CAUTION Statements indicate a personal injury hazard not immediately accessible as one reads the marking or a hazard which is properly included on the equipment itself. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying.