Likewise, the white point slider sets the maximum brightness value: Stay with us, we’ll try to fit it all in! In support of this, the LS can export TIFF files containing the full 12 bits of data per channel captured by the scanner. The extraordinary level of control the LS offers doesn’t come completely free, of course: Skip to main content.

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You can choose to adjust the tonal balance in the image either automatically or manually. This is especially true of scanners that have seen little or no use recently. We regret not being able to cover it in greater detail here, but frankly it’s beyond the scope of even one of our reviews!

I’ve had a LS for several years.

This option lets the scan window stay up after the scan. Nonetheless, they can be a quick way to make overall image adjustments, and may be the fastest way to process large numbers of non-critical scans. It was shot on Kodak Royal Gold 25 film, which is extremely fine-grained, but which has very different color characteristics from most normal color negative films.

These are sufficiently unique that we wanted to call attention to them separately: Powers on, however it has not been tested for its main purposes. Other holders we’ve used employ alternating ridges and recesses on both sides of the clamshell.

Nikon LS Slide Scanner?: Pro Digital Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

This maximum-resolution clip of the Musicians II image shows the exceptional detail and near-total lack of artifacts the LS produces. APS cartridges are simply dropped into the front of the unit, and the software will scan “thumbnail” representations of the entire roll of film in about 80 seconds for 25 frames – longer and shorter rolls will vary proportionately in their pre-scan times.


Here are their functions: There’s much ccoolscan to say about how the LS performed with our standard test images, and we say it all on the os-2000 “pictures” page. When you do need to tweak the settings, the LS provides you a tremendous range of control, in some cases allowing you to affect the basic operation of the scanner to extract the most from each frame. Once you’ve fully learned how to use the device though, the results are nothing ls-20000 of remarkable.

Because the noise is random from one measurement to another, its effect tends to average-out over large numbers of measurements. If you want to see a completely “raw” scan for yourself, click the Prescan button. Herewith the “Scanner Extras” options: Kodak Royal Gold 25 “House” detail clip: This is a fairly important adjustment, particularly for a device that may be used on either Macintosh or Windows platforms, which have significantly different default gamma settings.

Has anyone here had experience using the ls with windows XP? Operation and User Interface Wow!

The scanner uses three color LEDs to illuminate the film, a design unique to Nikon, as far as we know. A very welcome feature of the NikonScan software is the ability to resize the preview area to take in as much screen real estate as you have available.

Colscan is a natural application for the LS, particularly in light of the unique “ICE” dust-removal technology.


The SF auto slide feeder plugs into the LS in the same fashion as other adapters, but its construction requires both devices to rest on their sides.

We’ve thus presented here two sample images, one showing only the effect of the scanner’s own controls 78kthe other adjusted 62k in Photoshop to increase the weak contrast in the finest elements.

Nikon LS 2000 Scanner

Recommendation for automated billing system. A system of “drawers” let you access the full range of scanner options with relatively few mouse-clicks, although we found this interface initially took some getting used to.

For this particular scan, we were using the separate strip-film holder in the slide scanning head, so there’s some slight ls-20000 evident along the lower edge. Says there is no active device, despite the fact that it is on, etc We found that the individual red, green, and blue sliders added to the effect of the main or overall gain slider: Best cameras and lenses Adaptec saw the need to provide a standardized means for such application programs to communicate with their corresponding hardware.

Once you’ve made all your adjustments, select the images you want to scan by doing a control left-click in Windows, or a command-click with the Mac on the clolscan thumbnails.

If one thing’s clear with the LS, it’s that you sometimes clearly get what you pay for.