Media buttons left view large image Left of keyboard: This would be very trivial for Compal to fix, but obviously they aren’t interested in this, as it’s now a 3yr. My goal is to help you make an informed decision about whether or not the HEL80 is right for you and to provide a resource for new HEL80 owners. I have never really used webcams before, but it does what I would expect a webcam to do — capture low resolution video and snapshots. It does not bother me, but in a silent room it could be bothersome to sensitive ears if it begins to cycle.

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Close all Device Manager properties windows, and Device Manager, saying no to any reboot prompts. The E80 is one of the best built notebooks currently on the market, and is an ideal, mid-range system for gamers and power users with a need for portability. The cooling system works quickly and efficiently by blowing warm air through a large vent on the left side and a smaller one in the rear.

Not too much of a problem, but I would have liked to have it. Utility file is labeled: The HEL80 is actually a touch thinner and just a tad heavier than the 96J with its 6-cell battery.

Compal LS-3166P HEL80 EL81 Wireless External Antenna Board | RM NB4150

Let me know how it works out. Click the “Have Disk” button.


It takes serious pressure on wireoess back or sides of the LCD to create minor ripples. EXE file in the archive, no driver folders or anything, this is correct from my recollection. Thank you very much.

You would need the 32bit driver. The business-class HP nc also meets the requirements of those looking at the HEL80 and 96J, but it is a more expensive option.

Compal LSP HEL80 EL81 Wireless External Antenna Board | RM NB | eBay

All other items are as listed above. Now, I have not had the privilege of using a ThinkPad, but I have used a number of notebooks over the years.

The surface is smooth aluminum, and my fingers glided across the surface easily. If you need help with that, post back and I’ll see what I can do.

Utility file is labeled: If clockspeeds and synthetic benchmarks are what you will ultimately base your decision on, you should look at the Asus 96J or the HP nc I would have preferred a HEL80, but they’re impossible to find in Australia. The thermal pad on the heatpipe is just about the right size for a Yonah die, but it won’t cover all of Merom’s die.

Looking for driver Compal EL80

Additional steps are required IOT use a bluetooth headset and Windows 7: So I wirelses around Google, and even looked German forums, with no luck. An external sound card is definitely not necessary in order to get enjoyable music or gaming out of this notebook. I’m sorry my ideas didn’t pan out.


Other notes on the design: Wirfless HEL80 has one large fan in the upper left corner of the notebook. I realize that nothing is perfect and I feel lucky that the biggest complaints about the HEL80 do not bother me. On the edges, it is noticeable. A second driver update will be required before we’re done. Double click on the device listed above.

EL80 Win7 Wireless & Bluetooth Software Switch Fix | NotebookReview

Video quality was good, and it could easily be used in place of an external webcam. So I felt it was time to give back to the community. Of course I can’t guarantee any of this, as I haven’t wirelees it. It does not take long to cool the warmest areas after a gaming session.

I got 2 hours 45 minutes with wireless on. Before using the HEL80, I had always thought fingerprint readers to be more of a novelty than anything, but after using one myself, I never realized how el08 they are.