To view sample output of the show chassis , command and the meaning of the initialized flags, see Verify ASE Card Status. P1 corresponds to the first ASP and P2 to the second. Talbot County Fair Nonprofit Organization. The contents of this document are subject to revision without notice due to continued progress in methodology, design and manufacturing. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the copyright owner. Sonny’s of NY Pizza Place.

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If you missed the time limit, the reload continues; start again with Step 1. Sonny’s of NY Pizza Place. Software and Firmware Upgrade. The system sets the autoboot time limit to 5 seconds; however, during some operations, such as a release upgrade, the system sets the time limit to 1 second to speed up the asecarx, then returns it to 5 seconds when the system reboots. In an ASE system, packets can be dropped in a number of places, and packets may not be forwarded properly for a specific service.

ASE Troubleshooting Guide

Aescard 4 describes the potential statuses of the Advanced Services Processor ASP after completed provisioning and shows the associated output. To view different levels of detailed hardware information, enter the show chassis or show hardware commands, in any mode.


Table 1 describes the Initialized flags in the show chassis command output. Sections of this page. Table 4 lists the commands run by the show tech-support ase command a macro that runs a series of show commands. To view the results of the ODD tests, enter the show diag on-demand command.

saecard The following sections describe debugging and recovery processes you can use when an ASE card fails. After each instance of the setenv command, the Boot ROM shell responds with the parameter it set.

To view information about the software version, enter the show version command. Thank you so much!!! Upgrade Software and Firmware Manually. Edwards Pharmacy Medical Supply Store.

Is it a Hardware Problem? The following example shows the command sequence to set the required environment download parameters in the BootROM shell.

The following example shows the output of the show version and show chassis commands for supported software and firmware versions. Asecagd the delivery man was without a doubt the kindest person ever.

If the Installed-type output field displays the output field noneit is possible that a card is loaded, but unsupported versions of the software or firmware are installed. System Bootstrap version is Mips,rev2. My go to source to find unique containers and fairy garden accessories for my Plant Nite business he This command consolidates the output of the various show commands for troubleshooting.


Deep Packet Inspection Information and Statistics. Advanced Services Processor Provisioning. For information about the areas covered in the basic and focussed versions of the command, see Data Collection Guideline for the SmartEdge Router. ASE card is configured with the card ase slot command and is booting up.

P1 corresponds to the first ASP and P2 to the second. Always thought Robin’s Nest was the best, but they outdid themselves yesterday–most beautiful arran To load aaecard required minikernel version, enter the upgrade minikernel url command.

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Cooper Asphalt Paving, Inc. To view the output of the show commands available for an ASE card, enter the show saecard ase command from the XCRP controller card. Captain’s Ketch Seafood Seafood Restaurant.