Yes, I have been struggling for a month or so, and finally realised after reading http: Most of teh cloned stuff from China seems more Windoze orientated. What Cura version do you have? However, the documents do state that this particular driver is for You need to install this to build and push SkyNet3D to the board.

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So after locating the installed file I did the following:. I am not alone – but nobosy seems to have any answers – the most offered suggestion is to check what port address its being used on Check out our Code of Conduct.

No Low Effort Posts. Download the driver from url: See also Compatibility between Arduino and Arduino clones:. To get the CH drivers to work you need to use the tool csrutil. Posted on Apr 1, 1: It isn’t El Capitan specific because I hadn’t read the question correctlydoesn’t provide a definitive answer that works, and is quite long winded.

However, this did not work for me, but I am running OS X The answer is yes I have, the facts are – one has to offer a “donation” to get a reply.

aneta8 – Can’t connect Cura to my Anet A8 on OSX – 3D Printing Stack Exchange

Log in or sign up in seconds. Prove who you are and we’ll give you green flair. Other related Communities multireddit. The information andt old – but I have to assume the driver downloads are either latest version – or have never been upgraded either because they do not need to be – or aneh Repetier cannot be bothered.


Apr 1, 3: Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

You can try to use this driver installer or this driver installer. Apr 1, 4: Good to see that you addressed the OP to accept an answer, I sincerely hope one of the answers worked for him! Sign up using Anef and Password.

After disconnecting the Uno, the Mac rebooted as normal, so no lasting damage done, but I am a bit wary of trying to plug the clone in again. It might be worth trawling through this list of questions on the Arduino. Post as a guest Name.

Anft a new link. It’s worth getting an old beater laptop for this type of thing – just dual boot windows and Linux and use whichever OS makes life easier.

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News, information, links and fun things related to 3D printing, 3D printers, rapid manufacturing, desktop fabrication etc. Im guessing not if its not detecting. I seem to remember having the same issue, not with a 3D printer, but just with a cloned Arduino board. After a bit more googling I found the kiguino site.

I cannot get my iMac to connect to a 3D printer using USB cable connections – drivers supplied by the printer software company I have the Anet A8 3 D printer – a French company have a freeware application which connect the iMac to the 3D printer and loads up a “G-Gode” file which is used to control the printer.

Once I realised that I found the http: Link answers are not answers. You need to install this to build and push SkyNet3D to the board. We follow the iama verification rules.