Either in a classic black Jet Black or in a somewhat more daring brown-gold Fancy Gold. However, the domestic stereo system or high-quality headphones should also be preferred here because the provided soundscape lacks power and volume, especially in the lower sound ranges. A long, chrome key, which takes over both mouse keys functions, is found directly underneath it. Naturally, a UMTS version that has been announced but is not yet sold would be awesome. A further highlight of the Wind U is its keyboard.

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The Wind U doesn’t leave much to be desired in terms of mobility with a construction height of only 25 millimeters and a weight of a bit more than a kilogram.

This difference isn’t usually visible during operation – that is unless you often work on pure white backgrounds. The included lithium Ion battery with a capacity of 65 WH These little flaws can simply be avoided with a stereo system, active boxes or good headphones, as aforementioned.

In regards to viewing angle stability, the ,si screen also reveals weaknesses.

Review MSI Wind U160 Netbook

The display’s back is made in high-gloss and gives the netbook a dignified appearance. The small ten inch netbook has the most important ports that are needed for everyday use.


The only thing missing now is a better fan control paired with cooler temperatures under load. Due to the responsive display of just eight milliseconds, stated by the manufacturer, streaks aren’t an issue for the Wind U in videos or games.

We would describe the typing feel as okay. The measured temperatures on the upper side, that is wrist-rest and keyboard, are also alright under load, but the bottom side of the small ten inch computing servant shows a different picture.

A Western Digital 2. Thus, the measurements range between MSI Wind U, with courtesy of: The power button is also found in the hinge’s area and is placed quite well here. Please share our article, every link counts! A complete runtime test hasn’t been executed in this state. The weak display brightness combined with the glare-type display gives the MSI Wind U a bit of a hard time working mobile viideo nature.

All netbook users just simply have to accept this fact, or buy a notebook with more performance right away.

An equally mzi result is reached even under load. When you compare the benchmark rates, the Wind U isn’t much better or worse than current netbooks of other manufacturers that have been reviewed by us recently. The mobile energy supplier comes first to its end after five hours and 44 minutes. The microphone is integrated in the display bezel.


Review MSI Wind U Netbook – Reviews

Surfing via WLAN in good to maximum brightness is also impressive. Keyboard A further highlight of the Wind U is its u1600. Just like the good battery life. Aside from the fan characteristic, or rather fan control, the directly related temperature emissions supply reason for complaint. The single components merge nicely without leaving large gaps between the single parts.

It mmsi quite sturdy in regards to pressure and barely bends despite the chiclet keyboard. The rates are all within a green field in view of the access and transfer rates.

MSI Wind UEU – External Reviews

Talking about internet and mobility: System Noise The till now really rather acceptable impression is dimmed by following two points. But MSI Wind U has literally brought us a fresh wind in the black-white monotony of notebooks and netbooks.

Thus, there is also a WLAN module Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.