Up front, the machine flaunts a single row of indicator lights: As much as we like the GT70, a lighter-weight rig rocking the same specs is definitely worth considering. You are doing a major service to yourself and our community. Those fancy new processors Intel just unleashed? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Sitting one chair off center of the screen betrays a sharp loss in color, and it doesn’t take much horizontal adjustment to kill a viewer with contrast. Steelsedies speakers have enough oomph to easily fill a room without distortion.

Take a steelsefies at that control bar one more time — you won’t be opening this drive bay by mistake. Its hinge sits above a pair of stereo speakers and a fairly standard-looking control bar.

MSI’s latest rig boldly models the gargantuan proportions we’ve come to expect from high-end desktop replacements, weighing in at 8. We hope you enjoy your stay and find this sub to be a friendly and helpful community. Either way, MSI doesn’t leave pickier users much to uninstall.

More importantly, it handles multitouch shortcuts like a pro, easily recognizing and executing gestures without fuss. Keyboard and trackpad The touchpad avoids many of the pitfalls common to other portable rigs. Sure, bigger is better, but in what context? Crowning the notebook is a dark brushed aluminum lid, framed by a matte black band. It’s a fact of life: A ban may follow depending on the severity.


Winning is Everything

Our only caveat is that it’s the first Ivy Bridge gaming laptop out of the gate, and with inevitable price drops and looming competition, it may be worth waiting for the slow and steady to catch up. Rule 1 – This sub is not a dedicated support channel and it is not designed to be such.

Like the keyboard, the touch buttons are solid, and not at all mushy. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

SteelSeries X MSI | SteelSeries

Everything old is new again: The nearest the GT70 comes to so-called “bloatware” is MSI’s signature S-Bar, a visual shortcut dock that hides behind a nondescript icon on the desktop’s north end. Posts that do not fit into flair categories will promptly be removed at moderator discretion.

If you’re looking for a machine to go toe-to-toe with MSI’s latest, you may have to wait awhile. For instance, its position, south of they center of the typewriter’s home row, ensures the pad is out of the way of a typist’s furious fingers, making accidental palm-activated cursor jumps unlikely.

Dell XPS M15z 2. The dark, industrial edges are a nice departure from some of the flashier machines on the market, and lend the GT70 a little gravitas, to boot.


Well, it certainly didn’t seem to mind the unscientific absurdity of the Engadget workflow: With the overclock engaged, PCMark rated the GT70 at 14,; 3DMark06 pegged it at 19, jumping its scores by on both accounts — give or take 20 points. Living up to its next-gen CES promisesthis Submit a new text post. The GT70 may not be an exception to this rule, but at least it’s not an egregious offender. Loud and clear is the classic, apt description for the capable 2.


Hard drives and RAM can always be upgraded, after all.

MSI GT70 2PE DP keyboard software

We’d say its mostly harmless or even useful, if you’re not a fan of hotkeys. Bluetooth, WiFi, battery, sleep and disk activity. We’ve got one right here: Of course, a good chunk of this listening experience is dependent on the onboard THX TruStudio PRO software, although it can be nixed for a solid tin can impression. Yes, we can fault it for its less-than-ideal screen and horrendously loud “cooler boost” fan overdrive, but the straw we’re grasping is brittle, and it makes a poor setelseries.

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