Please see the datasheet for details. Try this same application in Parallels to see if it will perform. Because I do need to control the soundprocessor I am rather desperated. We should also mention that this USB to serial adapter has built-in 15 KV ESD electrostatic protection which protects your data and the adapter itself against electrostatic electricity. For so far tnx again, keep replying please! Welcome to the Apple Discussions!

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I ordered today that plugbut if this will work?

DB9 – RJ45 adapter. USB Serial Adapter, 2-ports.

Moxa UPort 1110 USB to 1-port RS-232

At that point I see just in a flash that windows shows the Uport, but than it’s gone. Aten at least has a 32 bit driver, I saw. The only case that this wouldn’t be true, is if you run Windows natively by using Boot Camp.

Useful optional accessories not included. For so far tnx again, keep replying please! Because I do need to control the soundprocessor I am rather desperated.

Moxa UPort USB to 1-port RS | Cables |

Apple TV Speciality level out of ten: Try this same application in Parallels to see if it will perform. User profile for user: But i do have a prob, because 1101 Uport isn’t recognized, so I can’t get controle by my macbook over the soundprocessor. It is so very strange that my MacBook asks me if I wanna use in MacOS or in Windows, but in both versions it isn’t giving any respons to the computer.


Jul 21, 8: I still would think the issue would be that neither virtualization VMWare or Parallels offering can support this upirt Serial to Ethernet Converters. Sorry, but I’m just not familiar with this product and probably won’t be able to 111 much in getting the issue resolved.

Moxa Uport |VMware Communities

Tnx anyways, more input is more than welcome! Linux and Android is also supported. Welcome to the Apple Discussions! More advanced parameters such as Fast Flush and port type can also be set through the drivers.

Since this product was meant to run under Windows, you basically have three choices: After holiday I wanna try to start all over. Community User Community User. Because I wanna use a Sennheiser app and iTunes in the meantime I use Audiocore i don’t wanna run windows in bootcamp.

Jul 22, 2: Onbekend apparaat is niet geconfigureerd last line is translated about: Parallels does the exact same thing. Please see the datasheet for details. Posted on Jul 11, 4: I bought a very expensive MacBook 2 x the costs of a windows laptop but it can’t do what I want it mmoxa.


Moxa USB to Serial Adapter

I tried to install windows 7 hunter but at the moment, while installing, I choose my language and the keyboards language, I get a sign that my DVD-player isn’t recognized anymore. Moxa doesn’t provide drivers for MacOS, just only for windows.

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The MOXA brand is synonymous with high reliability and quality so we can highly recommend this adapter for most mission critical server environments, factory automation and complex applications or simply if you want a very reliable and high performance adapter. This can 11110 useful if you use multiple USB to serial adapters within the same computer and want to control which COM port number is assigned to new adapters.