The Advanced option will help you manage volume of additional channels central one and subwoofer and to enable the ‘AC3 decode’ mode. I think the X-Gamer 5. As a result, the system played DVD discs with all 5. So, we have to convert the signal on the Live! If you don’t have a Live!

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Nevertheless, simply redirecting front signal to rear output of SB Live! Now we will read, modify and replace the current version by programming of the chip.

Creative acquired Ensoniq in and, as part of the deal, made use of this highly-compatible ISA sound card emulator with their newer cards. The tests were conducted under the Windows Professional SP2.

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live Model CT PCI Sound Card | eBay

Users browsing this forum: It must be equal to h. Actually I tried that installation both ways: While this is the case, the subwoofer is not on a separate output as dt4760 is with 5. So, to provide a support for 5. One is marked Beta. Views Read Edit View history.


The card Anyone know what the jumpers do at location 6 and 7, on the photo? It is not available on Creative’s website anymore. Please don’t run the update in link number 2 or 3.

One is marked Beta.

Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live Model CT PCI Internal Audio Sound Card | eBay

After installation of the additional card Xwave the Ct47760 refused to start up. Later versions of the Live! I would recommend a different package link 8 for Windows Millennium. That card lasted me all the way up tousing it on Windows XP.

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live Model CT4760 PCI Sound Card

Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. It must be equal to 14h. Unfortunately, digital processing brought some limitations.

I also remember buying a shareware version of Duke Nukem II on floppy from that store. Base class of the device.


The Mini-DIN connection was not included in any subsequent Sound Blaster product, however owners of speaker systems that use this as the only digital input may buy an adapter from Creative. You need an additional sound card in moel of usage of 5.


The extra software is indeed pretty silly stuff, I uninstalled most of it after playing with it for a few minutes. That is why we had kodel enable the 5.

Compatibility problems of two cards. After installation of the drivers and software for both cards we set the Live!

At least, that’s what I found. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Consumed Power, ,odel Consumption: By the way, i’m looking for a cd-rom to sound card cable You will probably have the same, but you should make sure by studying the datasheet of your chip type.

Below are the pin configurations for the corresponding connectors the information is taken from the Mosel I found out that the data peculiar for each Live!