Well, it’s a regular old Microsoft Mouse, with the original shiny-white surface, but its got the IntelliEye. The ergonomic design of the new Microsoft Classic Intellimouse is comfortable for hours of use. With its bold new look and sleek design featuring an industrial-silver finish and glowing red underside and taillight, Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer marks an extreme departure for the usually unassuming computer creature. Plug in the fast, wired USB connector and immediately get into your flow without waiting for Bluetooth to pair or searching for a dongle. Who can use these things?

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Secondly, these buttons are programmable. Computer mice Microsoft hardware Microsoft stubs Computer hardware stubs. Microsoft European Union Microsoft competition case Microsoft v.

Ars Technica: Microsoft’s IntelliEye Mice – Page 1 – (11/99)

Fluidly handle every maneuver for your most detailed projects with carefully calculated weight, stability, and control. They installed this extra LED so you can have the butt of the mouse glow red all the time. What I really don’t like is the clear bottom of the mouse which radiates all of that red light everywhere. Take the Poll Technica.



The ergonomic design of the new Microsoft Classic Intellimouse is comfortable for hours of use. Packed with modern upgrades.

It won’t work on reflective surfaces, and chances are that it won’t work on really shiny plastics especially partially translucent stuff either.

More on that later, too. I wasn’t interested in this thumb-button crap. Ultimate Limits of Computers.

Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical Win32 Ps2/usb IntelliEye NOS

Miicrosoft mean, it’s a frikkin’ mouse people! When compared to a traditional mouse, an IntelliEye mouse is amazingly friendly to a variety of surfaces.

IntelliEye uses a tiny CMOS digital camera to take 1, pictures per second of the surface beneath the mouse. The red tail light that made the Microsoft Intellimouse 3.

Sorry, but you’ll have to stick with tradition when it comes to styling. The buttons can also be easily remapped to other useful program commands, such as print, copy, paste or save. They use IntelliPoint drivers and its main competitor through the years has been Logitech.

In addition to IntelliEye optical tracking technology and radical design, IntelliMouse Explorer features two customizable function buttons that add an unprecedented level of convenience and flexibility.

If there was one product this year that I didn’t expect to impress me, it was the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer featuring the new “IntelliEye. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.


This article related to Microsoft is a stub. Tracking is now even more precise with a DPI range up to Works how you want it to. I could take this paragraph and expand it into a few pages, but I won’t. The buttons, located on the left side of the mouse, provide effortless Internet navigation with forward and back default settings.

It had five buttons — two on top, the scroll wheel, and one on each side of the mouse. Warranty 1 year limited hardware warranty.

Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical Win32 Ps2/usb IntelliEye NOS | eBay

Microslft can also do some cool stuff in Quake. Microsoft Build highlights new opportunity for developers, at the edge and in the cloud. Nothing is handled in software on your box. OK, well, there is a reason – namely to irritate me. Tracking technology Microsoft BlueTrack enables tracking on glass. I’ll complain more about that later.