However, contrary to the video mode’s name, G does not support full DVD decoding hardware acceleration. This would allow Matrox to cater to a lot broader userbase. G based videocards are intended mostly for big and huge displays for complex 2D-graphics and an accurate design where in the first place is thin lines drawing and shot change speed. Matrox lost engineers to them too. They had a few cards that were, but only as long as it didn’t interfere with their regular business related stuff. Highest default settings, -timetest secret2. Log in Don’t have an account?

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You can use the G driver package instead. The complete set includes an adapter for TV. Video 3Digests Video cards: This is fully enough to show the card performance when working through 2 main API.

I did the benchmarks months ago and only now got to put it all together. We hope Matrox continues to mattox dual-head and multi-head cards and would additionally like to see some better OpenGL performance.

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Board index All times are UTC. Also, can you test something like 3DMark01 or something else that uses pixel shaders on the ? I allways feel like mayrox ”misses” something and the picture quality and support is better with the other brands The transition to true 3D accelerators Rendition Verite, Voodoo, Voodoo2, TNT, etc… caught Matrox off guard and before they could react, the best feature they could claim was that their 2D looked good.


You g400//g450 however contact Matrox for an upgrade to that card if you desire. The Matrox company seems to be slow with something really new – now it’s producing a modification of G implemented according to 0.

Matrox Millennium G450

Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. I guess it greatly depends on drivers as I learned later with Parhelia it was very slow at first but quite ok once I found better drivers. Matrox took the technology developed from the G project, refined it, and basically doubled it up to form the G processor.

It is purely a Direct3D 6. This was attributed both to its architecture and to the poor drivers it relied on for much of its life especially OpenGL ICD.

As it was expected, the image quality is excellent. Poll My distribution is:. G400/4g50 cards work well under XFree86 3. After connection 2 signal receivers to the videocard, the user may see that the card identifies DualHead activation:.

With regard to its hardware, G’s triangle setup engine, called the “Warp Engine” ironically, was somewhat slower than the counterparts aboard the competition’s cards. I’ve read in some places that it supposedly can do DX8. A bit bus reduces the board’s complexity and cost because fewer traces have to be used, and potentially the pin-count of the graphics processor can be significantly reduced if the chip is designed only for a bit bus.


The 3D capabilities of G were identical to G You can do dual-head or multi-head under Linux by using multiple graphic cards, but why bother shelling out extra money if you don’t need to.

The machine has a GA onboard. EMBM requires either specialized hardware within the chip for its calculations or a more flexible and programmable graphics pipeline, such as later DirectX 8. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. NET G4400/g450, even if version 2. In principle, there are several different cards based on G, but all they differ in a videomemory size 16 or 32 MBytesa package type OEM or Retail and a price.

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Let’s start with 2D-graphics. Think about that huge spreadsheet you have to do. The system I used to benchmark this cards is my Slot 1 reference system consisting of: Developers and some business users are the clear winner with this card.

I’m selling some stuff!