I’m running Ubuntu You can also get lists for many countries from scanner clubs in your country. This will produce a setfreq binary. Hi guys, before you tell me it’s illegal, and I shouldn’t be doing this etc. The antenna that came with your card is probably not very good, so consider investing in at least a bunny’s ear antenna. You need to figure out what frequency you want to tune into. To tune into a radio frequency, you need to give two parameters:

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m-v002 This will produce a setfreq binary. On Linux, you have a lot more options for what to do with the sound than on your average scanner radio. You can do that like this you must be root first: You also need to install the kernel source corresponding to the kernel on your system most distros come with a kernel source package.

Manli tv tuner m tv002

You need to figure out what frequency you want to tune into. Lower frequency reception manlo need a different antenna. Now, you need to remove m-tv02 saa package you might have on your system, and replace it with the module you just compiled. Now that you’ve got it working, here’s a helpful hint, especially if you are getting poor reception: It needs to be attached to a tuner such as the FI Once you have put your package into the kernel, your kernel is ready to start tuning in.


You can filter out distracting low frequency noise using the highp filter anything below 50Hz is just distracting, and doesn’t help much in identifying what they are saying.

You can also get lists for many countries from scanner clubs in your country. If you have a TV capture card in your manlk, you probably ,-tv002 have all the hardware you need to listen in on much more than just TV and radio only software changes are needed.

Other cards have similar hardware, but you will need to do some of the work yourself.

SAA cards list — Linux Media Subsystem Documentation documentation

For television sound, manllior SAA is a popular chip for tuner cards. I can tune into that by using. The standard kernel driver, however, is not suitable for tuning into anything other than TV, because it has a limited set of tuner frequencies which it looks for at the detection stage.

The exact range of frequencies you will have access to depends on the specific tuner you have. Another option would be just to try all frequencies in a certain range until you hit something.

Go up a level in the software package, and type make. However, I have produced manlli modified kernel driver which will let you tune to arbitrary frequencies. To tune into a radio frequency, you need to give two parameters: Managed to get the kernel package from elsewhere. Even if you get the station frequency right, getting this one right is almost as important, or you won’t hear much.


Grab the software package from here. I’m running Ubuntu The hardware will also allow you to hear emergency services, taxi and freight radios, UHF citizen band radio, aircraft transmissions, and more.

Turn off sound direct to the sound-card using a mixer program, and use a program like sox to process your sound as it goes from dsp1 to dsp. This depends on the bandwidth of the signal. You could also potentially record sounds off the device, and stream it to other enthusiasts across the Internet, and even decode pager messages but check that this is legal in your country before you try, especially if you are going to post about it! A good way to do this is to look mahli spectrum licenses with the government body that allocates frequencies if that information is readily available.

Most other FM radio signals use a narrower band, and generally works well.

For example, one of the Central 1 Police frequency is I live in New Zealand, and here it’s legal to receive any band except Cellular, and cordless phone bands. Untar the software package.