Testing according to the applicable MDSs. Latest issue of the references shall be used unless otherwise agreed. A specific evaluation shall be made in each case. To avoid damaging the components heat sinks may be used, which shall be made from the same general type of material as the parts being heat treated. Verification of heat treatment procedure, furnace

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Manufacturers or heat treatment contractors having several heat treatment procedures shall verify the most extreme conditions e. Production steps in a logical sequence, see fig1.

Purchasing party is a contractual part of the supply line in relation to the end user and is responsible for the ordering of the material from the producer. High alloyed austenitic SS: If you need to be able to add standards to the monitoring service, you must register as a user with your own username and password. It is a pre-requisite that all test requirements in the current revision of this NORSOK standard are complied with; b evaluation and review at the manufacturers and sub-suppliers premises according to 5.

Limitations in the procedure: Qualifying Company shall be independent of the manufacturer. Qualification of heat treatment furnace and procedure. Production test blocks shall be tested as part of the qualification testing.


The yearly verification of the heat treatment procedure is also a new requirement of M If the manufacturer has different plants or different production routes for a product, separate documentation is required for each of these. Temperature variations in lower temperature area. A short description and the main parameters for each activity shall be included.

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Forgings — closed die. The initially temperature uniformity survey shall be carried out with maximum load in the furnace.

Removal of material for test samples. A specific evaluation shall be made in each case. The maximum limit of 1 ? The Manufacturing Summary is the property of the manufacturer. Register of the time used on transfer from oven to quenching Quenching information Increased testing of round bar, forged products and HIP products. For welded fittings testing shall comprise base material and weld s.

Qualification of manufacturers of special materials. Verification of temperature profile in furnace. A sketch shall be prepared with dimensions of production test samples and tested components tested for qualification.

Flanges — all manufacturing methods Sacrificial flange or an integral prolongation. The last revision, NORSOK Medition 4- Septemberwas based on quality failure found in material delivered of high-performance alloy to offshore projects caused by insufficient control and performance of the heat and quenching procedure, coupled with improvement potential of test procedures.


Inspection certificate plus NDE certificates. The review shall be carried out by technical competent personnel, with knowledge of metallurgical aspects of the applicable alloys, including precipitation diagrams, effect of hot forming, welding, heat treatment, etc.

The main changes in Edition 4 are related to the following items: Content of the procedure shall as a minimum be as given in 9. The qualification is valid within the parameters specified in Latest issue of the references shall be used unless otherwise agreed.

Qualification of manufacturers of special materials |

The start material is defined as ingots, billets, blooms, plates, pipes, etc. This is not applicable for titanium castings, which shall always be cast in vacuum, e change of HIPing parameters significant changes in temperature, pressure, time, vacuum or HIP equipment titanium castings only. The cross section of the heat sink shall be equal to that of the heaviest cross section of the parts being heat treated and the dimensions such as to allow for location of the drilled hole as specified above.