With the added trimmer cap, it can be set very accurately. The vertical wire is the only radiating element, and is omni-directional. This site is a more complete version of my original radio page, which was HERE. I can feel the end of the PTO shaft as I tune and it wont let me go any more. In addition, 14 Alaskans and 5 Hawaiians are in the MW logbook. I can therefore dedicate one each to horizontal and vertical olarization. On the other hand, if this generator were to be used as an internal combustion engine tachometer, a four-digit display, no prescaling, 1 Hz resolution with an allowed accuracy of PPM, and a gate time of 1.

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Just work me on the air or send a reception report! As of July replacement antenna and cable are deployed and upgraded Davis F and M2 6M3 and I am finally back in the game.

Having been an avid shortwave listener and MW DXer for 23 years, I finally took the plunge into ham radio in after leaving the Air Force. This rate occurs with a 0.

MP datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

My frequency meter’s accuracy was far better than the marine radios of that era. This requires a four-digit display and four BCD outputs from the counter — one for each digit. The R-7 is a very nice receiver. Sadly, these were two of my favorites and all the pests remain.


These drop in conveniently right over the power supply rails in each location. Kholmsk is a first ever reception for North America.

Amateur Radio Station K7WV

I can feel the end of the PTO shaft as I tune and it wont let me go any more. There were bits and pieces of even more stations, apparently from Vietnam.

Once you modify the circuit board, you can mount the IC sockets I used sockets for each chip. Added 2nd loop element E-W. The Longwave Club of America has lots of info on this overlooked band.

It could be possible, especially if anything hit the main tuning knob mechanical damagethat the knob is no longer activating the PTO tuning shaft internally, so while you’re spinning the knob, nothing’s happening inside. The circuitry for the entire prescaler is so m548226p and simple, it requires no further information.

Click any pic to enlarge. This does not include sporadic E openings of course. Your name or email address: The clock pulses are counted until the gate closes, at which time block 4 is activated.

Frequency Counters and Retrofitting

The mast for the receiving antennas is 1. The Sony can be modded for “audiophile grade” audio but the guy who was doing the mods has recently ceased doing them.


It will most likely take a K-Index of zero and an exceptional night to decode the weakest and only remaining AK station to be decoded here, Potato Point.

At last, a quiet S2 noise floor on LW thanks to the remotely located loop and this displa product. Shenzhen Bundle Hitech Electronics Limited.

Here is the cumulative beacon log started Summer In fact, it drops onto the same solder pads as the so there are not even any connecting wires needed. You guessed it, they are no longer made.

I’m now chasing 6M WAS. Shenzhen Allnewsemi Electronic Co. So almost like two VFO’s but only one? In retrospect, as marvelous as the Lampkin’s engineering was, its operation almost seems comical to me now. I am a ham radio operator holding Extra-class callsign K7WV. This, in turn, will supply the 74HC with a lower speed dispkay it can handle with ease.