TaylorMade M1 Callaway focused on a new pattern for face thickness designed to create a larger sweet spot to cover more of the area golfers actually hit. This is golfwrx not GolfDigest or Golf Magazine. Our test pro reckoned of all the irons here the F8 looked least like a game improvement iron. I have a difficult time shaping my shot left to right with my irons. Driver Reviews Members Choice: Too bad it spun like an 8 iron.

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I love the look of these, and my gamer is the original X-Hot.

Over the last 3 years since release which driver is straightest ,which one is the longest?

I tried Alpha and regular Big Bertha as well. Almost gave up on drivers before I found it.

Based on the comments longets for the article, it must be said the marketing and production execs at the OEMs have now accomplished a large portion of what must have been part of their objectives years ago — we now have a large market segment that willingly turns over every months.

My current 9 iron is consistently in the range. Longesg, I was unable to test the clubs during a round or even off the turf at the local driving range as it was wet for most of the week. All in all a far superior club. Beta 60 Stiff It has a smaller and taller profile than the standard Epic and has a front and stragihtest weight port strakghtest a 12g and a 2g screw to fit in.


Being a website founded by passionate golfers with a mission to serve passionate golfers, though, we place a special emphasis on the opinions of our GolfWRX Members — the most knowledgeable group of golfers on the planet.

I think you will find the Callaway and Titleist fan boys will have only hit their drivers and not even gone near any other companies product.

Members Choice: The Best Driver of – GolfWRX

From here you can also see the Boeing inspired Speed Step on the crown that first appeared in the XR 16 to help smooth the airflow xtraightest the head to reduce friction. If you see a solid red circle, that means you have the neutral weight installed.

Posted 09 January – Plus there’s a bigger sweet spot thanks to a new Hammerhead Slot which is supported by beams at the edges. Callaway Rogue The best golf driver. I compared all the new Callaway drivers on Trackman with a number of shafts.

You wont hear it mentioned much, but check out Mark Crossfields review.

Speedy Mar 23, at 2: With their forward center of gravity, they were helping golfers optimize their launch conditions straghtest their wildest dreams: Replace your tired old push-along with one of the best no-fuss cordless lawn mowers in town.

Did he want to continue to chase more distance or did he want a driver that would help him hit more fairways?


Here are the 11 best affordable cams you can buy right now. The former college golfer, now 34, has an ability to consistently contact drives in the center of the club face.

I’m also no longer the longest driver in my foursome I golfed with friends when I was younger and got out when ever I could. As expected, the smaller head of the X2 Hot Pro driver has an ever firmer feel in my opinion.

The Dragonfly crown design might not appeal to pros, straightesy you’ll certainly be slicing longer and straighter shots in no time with srraightest in your arsenal.

Benny May 7, at 6: Insane long, very forgiving and straight!

Strightest can hit it all over the face on that thing and steadily find fairways. I wonder why we never see Wilson more than we do? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. TaylorMade M1 So who better to poll to get an initial indication of the best performing drivers so far in ?