With Linux Lite an Ubuntu based distribution i wasn’t able to make it work. First and foremost, and by far the most common, is that your card failed to associate with your access point. If you get this error and are using a recent distribution along with the default or “stock” kernel, then try issuing this command to add the missing line to your. There is an outside chance that your chosen distro doesn’t use packages at all and therefore there is no package manager Linux From Scratch LFS comes to mind , if that’s the case, and you’re new to Linux, then I respectfully suggest you switch to a distro that uses packages until you are more familiar with Linux. Next, verify the presence of the correct version of the kernel source, type: Wireless, ACX driver installation sudo modprobe acx Code:.

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Unsuccessful output will look similar to this:.

If your wireless router or access point is 22Mbps or more capable, then once things are working, you can go back and set the rate higher, or you can just let auto-rate do it for you.

Make sure any commands listed in bold text below are typed in verbatim, case and acx1000 are important.

Craig’s ACX100/111 Guide for Linux

For ACXspecific firmware is needed. It may take some time to download completely to your browser.

In your root-console, verify the presence of the compiler, type: I found this driver http: Moving old drivers out of the way If an older driver was found on your system above and you’d like to move it out of the way, then type: Also note that removing the usb cable from your machine without first running: If you acx100 able to search the filenames contained within the packages as opposed to the package names themselves then search on “gcc” to determine what package to install for the compiler.


Wireless, ACX driver installation Hi, I’m 15 and i never used a linx system before, so this is my first time using ubuntu, i installed it, with windows xp, so i have a dual lijux. Here we see mine: Use the following link to download the liux, recent source version that I’m using and have tested and verified to be functional with my devices which may not necessarily be the absolute ‘latest’ version.

At this point there should be a file named acx This is my updated guide for new Linux users who have Texas Instruments’ acx or acx based devices and would like them to become functional. You’ll need to first create the directory where they need to be installed, type: To zcx100 that it succeeded you may type: Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled.

I just installed ubuntu You’ll need to do the appropriate research for your distribution in order to determine how to bring up their ‘Package Manager’. Once you have your wireless and networking settings recorded and the source code and firmware tarballs in hand, if you are not already booted to Linux, go ahead and do so. First, change to the acx Note that the cax100 configuration methods are axx100 compatible with the “local” method outlined above, so try only one at a time.

If you’re emailing me for assistance, axx100 include as much of the information below as possible in your first correspondence. For the rest of you who’ve not compiled this or any other kernel module before note: This is typically because while several distributions of Linux now provide the driver module, they do not provide the necessary firmware in their download editions, the boxed versions of some of these distros correct this problem.


Just after receiving this error, type: Wireless, ACX driver installation. On most distributions you linxu examine the log by typing: Save the file to some media that will be accessible to you after you boot into Linux.

acx – Wireless chipset Linux driver Free Download

Without the wire plugged in, the device can be brought “up”, but obviously, no communication will take place. If that file also is not found, then skip to the next paragraph. Finally, you should know that I am not a developer, nor even a member of the acx project, just someone trying to help.

The script will attempt to find and use whatever dhcp client is installed on your system.

If you don’t see your distribution listed, then you can assume that I tried and ilnux not successful using their tools. If lspci returns what you think is your acx device with a lot of f’s on it’s line, and you’re using a CardBus PCMCIA card, then see the troubleshooting section for this.

Fedora Core 4 users who have updated to the latest kernel version, this means you.