General Functions Notice Refer to the table below for more information on the characters available using the keys. Profiles In Profiles, you can adjust and customise the phone tones for different events, environments, or caller groups. For Your Safety Read these simple guidelines. Bookmarks Bookmarks This menu allows you to store the URL of favourite web pages for easy access at a later time. Remove the battery cover. If you select On, you can edit the text which is displayed in standby mode.

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LG Electronics Cell Phone C User Guide |

Accessories PC to exchange the data between them. If set to On, you can see the last cost when the c33220 is released. You can preview the current state of the selected menu before opening the menu.

Send My Number Send my number network and subscription dependent You can send your phone number to another party.

Search by Scroll to highlight Search by, then press the left soft key [Select]. Once recording is started, the message Recording and the remaining time is displayed. When the handset is muted, the caller cannot hear you, but you can still hear them.


LG C3320 User Manual

You can forward the current message to other recipients. Browser version The WAP browser version is displayed. You can save multimedia messages In drafts or As template.

Length of the last call. Whenever you change the date, the calendar will be updated according to the date. To create a bookmark 1. If being empty, Add new by pressing the left soft key [Add]. Press the left soft key [Options]. Select Search by press the left soft key or [OK].

In-Call Menu Your phone provides a number of control functions that you can use during a call. Reset Settings Reset settings You can initialize all factory defaults.

Guidelines for safe and efficient use Road safety Check the laws and regulations on the use of mobile phones in the areas when you drive. All incoming The barring service for all incoming calls Incoming x3320 roaming The barring service for all incoming calls when roaming You can set the light-up duration of the display.

Go To Url Secondary server: Call register You can check the record of missed, received, and dialled calls only if the network supports the Calling Line Identification CLI within the service area. Enter the telephone number to dial to access your WAP gateway.


LG C3320 – Silver (Unlocked) Mobile Phone

You can protect the pictures from deletion by mistake in this menu. You can view the sent messages. International The barring service for all outgoing international calls. V3320 a phone number including the area code. Then input the numbers. This requirement is based on scientific guidelines that include safety margins designed to assure this safety of all persons, regardless of age and health.

LG C pictures, official photos

According to the used gateway port, you can choose this option as On or Off. C features Part of the phone 1. Settings All data calls Diverts to a number with a PC connection unconditionally.

Soft key indications 3. GPRS is a data bearer that enables wireless access to data network such as the Internet. Messages Reply via same service centre: For example, storing names in the Address Book, writing a message, and scheduling events in the calendar all require entering text.