I’m very hopeful that a newer revision of the BIOS for the board will extract even more performance and bring things up to speed on this test setup. Load of room around the socket is always a welcome bonus. Would it totally sweep me off my feet and carry me into a glorious world of high overclockability where DDR is the only way to go? Introduction MSI were kind enough to courier me their latest, not-even-on-the-website, motherboard for review, the K7T Pro2. So how do we find the MSI as a whole? Here are the official specifications.

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I know quite a few reviews of motherboards are done outside of a case in the confines of a testing area. They connect to a header on the motherboard and mirror the 4 LED’s above the audio connectors on the ATX backplane that are visible if you open the case. The problem exists under Windows too, but not to the same extent.

Support For K7T Pro2 | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

A closer inspection of the CPU socket reveals something a bit more disturbing. This is never really the ideal situation and definitely not the best for a chipset which does quite warm during testing.

For the average k7t26 user playing a few games here and there and using office application on something like the AMD platform, the upgrade doesn’t make sense really. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy.

Support For K7T Pro2-U | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

V-MAP chips are the same size and have the same pin compatible layout that makes this possible. If you are into media encoding such as MP3 encoding or the creation of DivX movies you’ll be happy with the new speed.


If you are a heavy gamer, it’s a nice upgrade. Sandra Memory Bandwidth Benchmark 9 x Don’t rely too much on your own manual tweaking on the MSI to extract all the performance. I didn’t install the extra Windows software component due to it being a review motherboard but rest assured the hardware side of things works well.

MSI K7T266 Pro2-A – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT266A

The manual makes not reference to the procedure to enable a working motherboard if the SmartKey is lost you can use a new SmartKey as long as you provide the correct password and the password is then copied to the new SmartKey and you enter the wrong password 3 times, locking the BIOS and the system completely. It’s easier to visualise this using a diagram, so take a quick peek at k7t2666 following VIA provided layouts of the chipset.

Physical installation of the board was a cinch. I was a bit sceptical of its position at first, but, in my case at least, it seems to get the ATX connector out of the way very well seeing as though the ATX connector is the most bulky connector you’ll attach to a motherboard and also the most inflexible making a poor proo placement an extra hassle.

Next up we have POV-Ray.

Load of room around the socket is always a welcome bonus. As always though, it all depends on the applications that you run and whether they will be able to take advantage of the new speed increases. We are rendering the pawns scene here at x resolution. If the password doesn’t match up, the board refuses to boot.

Click to find out more. As you can see, the numbers fall exactly in line with the 1.


With the announcement of nVidia’s nForce chipset, the mighty VIA looked k7t2666 it was in quite a bit of troubleā€¦. The notable additions include the USB 2. However after months of delay, VIA essentially allowed its competition to gain a foothold in the marketplace first. When VIA first announced their DDR chipset the KT, the whole hardware community was gearing up for quite an intense battle among the chipset makers.

It’s a nice looking touch, but won’t please the overclockers looking to the K7T Pro2 as their next choice.

MSI K7T266 Pro 2 ver 2.0 Motherboard Review

Before we get our hands dirty in the specifications, remember a chipset is just that, a set of individual chips that work together to provide the services the AMD platform needs to function. Thanks to The Overclocking Store. The jumperless aspect of the board is great since fiddling around on with jumpers to adjust things o7t266 the BIOS was made to take care of is silly.

I always like to take a look at the layout of the motherboards that pass through my system. It also seems like the BIOS setup is critical.

On the MSI, let that setting do all the hard work. While I think comparing temperatures, even across identical motherboards is a 7kt266 exercise, being able to k7tt266 CPU temperature as accurately as possible on the board in use is very important and the MSI can’t hope to do this unfortunately.