Test this driver with any cc and see for yourself what it will do and with so little effort. You currently have javascript disabled. I’d always heard that the J33 is more of a players club and less forgiving. Anbody tried the fairway woods? Beautiful at address, and as long as any. While the J33R Diamana setup did not get me the 20 yard increase some have witnessed with their new big dogs:

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Posted 01 November – In terms of forgiveness I would rate them the same. It will be scary if they can actually improve on this club What do I do?

Feel wise I have found anything above to not feel as solid.

Reviews: Bridgestone-J33RDriver-Golf-Club | eBay

You currently have javascript disabled. Posted 18 February – However, there are plenty of drivers that are designed to just go higher and straighter.

The forgiveness is great and the feel of the head is sweet. Great item, I am enjoying it, The driver that can do it all. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free.


Truly an all time must have driver!

J33R 460 shaft Help

It’s at least as long as anything else i tried. Initially i was 4660 that even It has a very pleasant sound to my ear at least.

I wasn’t smart enough just to grab another Bridgestone, because I did want to try to find something that was a little more forgiving first. Some people prefer the feel of the Titleist as it sound like you hit it further Quote Originally posted by Carlos Thanks for the followup review Art.

Posted 14 November – I have an FT3 and baby after a month I’m making it sing a merry tune Everything else seems perform well in that head. Bridgey with ProLaunch was longest for me, R with Titty speeder was highest, both are great clubs, no real preference.

This confirms in this instance that the Diamana does play soft to k33r and in this case when compared to the Accra SC Reading that the Diamana plays soft, I’ll want to fit it such that it plays to about at Relatively fast fairways for my part of the world. Join our community today and enter into a chance to win a free regular giveaways.


Posted 16 February – It’s not as accurate feeling as a Fujikura, not as smooth as a Diamana, but this is a very good shaft I think, and my opinion has changed of it.

Tee’d up another j33f hit it off the bottom of the club face and a bit out toward the toe and it faded off to the right rough Several functions may not work.

Bridgestone J33r 460 10.5* Degree Driver Stiff Shaft 237081 Diamana Graphite

Please note, this does not necessarily mean the golf club has no value! Posted 03 August – The S had a slightly higher ball flight.

Well today I 4660 to take the J33R to the course. Granted it isnt as forgiving as the moon units from TM updated every 30 seconds or Cobra etc but not nearly as bad as I’ve read.