Resource allocation is hard. Comment 11 Andriy Gapon After a certain time, the screen should look like shown at right. On the server I was using this was created by the iTCO-wdt kernel module – in dmesg we can see more details:. It’s designed to handle unrecoverable errors, like when the operating system freezes.

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See here for full instructions on how to create a USB bootable stick on Windows. Also, I did not try to handle the case where the watchdog resources are not configured by the hardware as well as the case where ACPI defined operational region conflicts with the watchdog resources.

Comment 13 commit-hook Again, this is all required only for legacy boot: In the case of a legacy BIOS boot, it is not enough: I didn’t suppose that my change will fix the watchdog functionality on DS77U.

Maybe fixed resource allocation. After a certain time, the screen should look like shown at right. My hardware seems to be a culprit. The point of this page is to provide simple instructions to test whether the watchdog works. The Linux test detail is described in the following page.


Hardware watchdog

Comment 2 Andriy Gapon Comment 3 Konstantin Belousov Or is this already in? The point is to detect those motherboards whose faulty hardware or buggy BIOS make the watchdog dysfunctional. If the system fails to reboot remains forever hung in POSTturn the computer off, disconnect the power supply for a few minutesand then perform a cold reboot to return to normal operation.

The Linux test worked correctly successfully rebooted on this ThinkPad, though my patched ichwd didn’t. Please write to me if you perform this test: Also, you would need to invent a unique rid for the new resource and consistently use it in both set and alloc.

Tested on Dell PowerEdge R Systemd has one that your systemd services can integrate with – if your services fail then the hardware watchdog will stop being reset.

Hardware watchdog | Alex Louden

The prompt will not return do not press control – c nor control – dsimply wait. Comment 7 Andriy Gapon Use F8 on boot to choose whence to boot from. I am particularly interested in test cases where at least one of the following conditions holds, and even more so if several do: After a few minutes specifically, twice the heartbeat value indicated in the above optional stepthe system will perform a hard reboot.


The watchdog service will stop running, the hardware counter will count down to zero since it’s not being reset and the machine will restart and recover.

Comment 29 Andriy Gapon On the other hand, with or without my new patch, ThinkPad now reboots successfully upon watchdog timeout. Note that Ubuntu is free, you do not need to pay to watchfog it although you are encouraged to contribute if you decide to actually use itthere is a Not now, take me to the download on the download page.

If all three appear, the watchdog was correctly detected. I think that more IDs can be added as the change gets tested.

Comment 24 Andriy Gapon Here are some logs from a server that reached 86 degrees with wqtchdog threshold set to 85 degrees:. Comment 19 Andriy Gapon