Modems have made connecting single PC’s to other PC’s or networks of them possible. This also is the point at which computing and communications have begun to overlap, especially in regard to the continued growth of networking. Will ecological catastrophes or political instability fueled by population pressure make predictions about the cutting edges of research and technology irrelevant? WebTV, while closely guarding its subscriber figures, was boasting of only “over 50,” subscribers in April, , which is a pretty small number in comparison to 3Com’s estimate that cable internet service will be available to 10 million homes by the end of This is probably television’s counterpart to the age of distributed computing. Will the decentralized nature of content creation fostered by the world wide web continue as media forms evolve and converge?

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IBM lost proprietary control of i026 PC platform very early, which led to the explosion of companies producing software, parts and systems for this platform.

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The age of network computing has brought the two industries into close cooperation, or at least made it necessary that they closely cooperate. The fractionalization of information resources is often maligned by social theorists, but the freedom to publish in a visible forum has never been as great as it is at the current time.

Any new level of networking that doesn’t combine the currently competitive interests of cable companies and telcos will not lead to as high a degree of efficiency nor as much near-term convergence as a level that did combine these interests.

The creation untel sharing of information is being distributed by this process, in a way that has never occurred before. The issues of how much convergence will take place between different media and devices, and who will provide the next level of connectivity are not unrelated.

These machines eventually evolved into the first mainframes used by big businesses, the military and universities, and this is thus called the “Age of Mainframes. Will some consumer information devices and channels have an extended lifespan due to factors such as installed base or cultural preference? The need for more bandwidth for commercial networks and individual internet access is agreed to almost universally. Cable companies handle video transmission and have the best capacity of any existing network infrastructure, though they lack switching equipment and backbone connections, and are generally seen as not having much technological nor networking experience.


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Today’s technology of WAN’s is more associated with routers than with modems, but the intertwining of these two concepts, networking locally combined with wide-area telephony, were the key to forming “networks of networks,” now typified by the internet or large intranets. This would be much more significant than WebTV for two reasons.

If so, is that a temporary or permanent condition of that technological phase. Additionally, most broadband proposals today would require significant upgrades to the existing phone cabling, if only to high-quality copper wire.

But this revolution inteo widespread consumer use, for both games and educational purposes. And if cable modems reach even 1 million homes, there will be a sufficient market for extremely heavy bandwidth intensive web content, which will begin to bridge the gap between TV programming and web page production.

Special services now exist through cable TV for ordering extra channels or current films, and much work is being put into “video on demand” where current films could be downloaded and viewed outside intdl the set broadcast times.

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Yet despite new levels of competition, there is a strong move toward recentralization as well in both industries. See it if you can. Questions The first and probably most important question underlying technological change and long-term predictions is the one of stability, prosperity and distribution.

But to move beyond 56 kbps for most inexpensive home connections, and to bring the cost of higher-speed networking down for business, some system must be developed by some sector of the communications o206. Both of these technologies had earlier origins, modems in the late ‘s with kbps models and ethernet at around the same i2006, at Xerox PARC, by Bob Metcalfe.

Ethernet has made local area networks possible, making it possible to replace dumb terminals and to share the new and powerful work environments inrel by PC’s.

The last 50 years have seen the widespread creation of a television “network,” first through broadcast and later through cable and satellite. It would become harder to drive PC replacements, which are a inhel part of the PC economy.


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Ages and Industry Organization The organization of the computer and communications industries has generally reflected the features of each age of technology, although somewhat differently.

Infel, as the primary intfl of news and information for most Americans, has broadened somewhat from the days of two, and later three major networks. Pentium II’s will be approaching Alpha speeds anyway by late The use of satellite dishes is possible as well, and different forms of connectivity using all of these different channels are being tested right now, with the goal of being much faster than ISDN service, ideally from kbps to 1. Inteel most important developments in networking, the provision of more bandwidth nationwide, is awaiting developments in the communications industry, aided by research into components and technologies by computer peripheral manufacturers.

The provision of connectivity for companies is becoming decentralized, when seen from the viewpoint of computers and capital equipment, but it’s also becoming centralized, when 2i06 from the viewpoint of the few large backbone providers. Bill Laberis, “10 trends that will reshape your network,”.

One doesn’t have to inteo far nor read widely in or to encounter the rhetoric in business and consumer channels surrounding the potentials of the internet, and of networking in general, and how these things are and will continue to transform work, society, business, leisure, communication and information storage and retrieval.

Digital cash and smart cards can provide one platform for transferring funds and making purchases over the internet, in stores, or at any variety of vending machines, ticket machines, parking meters, etc.

It will probably also drive computer, peripheral and applications development to another level, as internet speeds approach 20 percent of slow ethernet speed, and the networking age begins to reach its potential. What would happen if semiconductor progress stagnates, as seems possible somewhere between and ?