Is there some way to see what the problem is? That was really good. I will try to do the auto-share all feature Maybe it’s a security feature of the iKey. Dec 29 th , , 4: Solution iKey offers a compact hardware solution for authentication and digital identity management.

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Mar 15 th, 8: When starting the server part the iKey is visible but with a yellow exclamation mark and the text “iKey – Rainbow iKey You can always contact me via e-mail: The iKey FIPSLevel 2 validated hardware, onboard key generation, key storage, ecvncryption, and digital signing zmart add high-assurance security to user login, email encryption, disk encryption, VPN authentication, and other secure client applications.

Activated Auto-share and replugged it, then it wmart up on the client where I could connect it and it’s driver was installed. Solution iKey offers a compact hardware solution for authentication and digital identity management. Yellow point means that device cannot be shared because it’s occupied by system.

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Mar 16 th, 2: Product Highlights USB Connectivity iKey features a built-in USB connector for easy deployment of advanced authentication without the need to install additional smartcard readers or expensive biometric devices.

While offering similar functionality to a smartcard, iKey packs two-factor authentication, encryption key management, and digital signing functionality into a tiny, secure package that includes an integrated USB port to eliminate the need for a separate reader device.

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Dec 29 th, 4: Compact and Durable The iKey personal USB authentication token is small enough to fit on a keychain and its durable shell allows it to be carried at all times. Oct 29 th, Mar 15 th, 9: If does not help: I will try to do the auto-share all feature If problem persists please contact us again and provide me with more information about your issue.

So there must be some part of the emulation that does not work.

Its low-cost, compact design, and standard USB interface make it easier to deploy than smartcards or one-time PIN tokens. I would have used one of these functions if it wasn’t for the absurd server setup.


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Oct 11 th, 7: Please Login or Register. Maybe it’s a security feature of the iKey. And it does not turn up on the client. Oct 11 th, 8: Two-Factor Authentication Eliminates Weak Passwords Weak passwords create vulnerabilities by allowing unauthorized access to sensitive networks. There is a small program that communicates with the iKey on the client and it does not recognize that it is plugged smarh.

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I’m now trying to reinstall the driver and software to see if it will work better. Though it does not work fully jet. I have installed drivers that came with the iKey. Is there some way to see smartt the problem is? It should be shared then.

Online Talk to our support team or sales department. That was really good.