Click here for Ben Lemay’s Valleyfield photo collection. Wanamaker assured Little that person was Benns. With the World Championships, boat counts will be high and the racing spectacular. But today, to show our appreciation for the contribution that Howie Benns made to unlimited boat racing and the contribution that F. Your email address will not be published.

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If you are a regular viewer here at Woody Boater you know that I am a big fan of all forms of motor sports, and throughout the month of March there is a lot of stuff going on hgdroplane in Florida.

Enter your Email Address here to receive a link to change password. Greg Lewandowski This story really got me going on a Sunday morning. Click here for Ben Lemay’s Valleyfield photo collection. But today, to show our appreciation for the contribution that Howie Benns made to unlimited boat racing and the contribution that F. Sebastian Loeb at the… well you get the point. Valleyfield is also the home of the fire breathing Grand Prix hydroplanes, with their screaming big block blower motors and speeds of over MPH down the shoots.


Special thanks to Jamie Smith and the nice folks from the Classic Raceboat Association for making this memorable day possible, and to Howie Benns and F.

Saturday At The Classic Raceboat Association Spring Thunder – A Day To Remember

Texx, how do you get so lucky? Here is another Tex at Seattle Gold Cup. I am truely jealous.

Palm Beach Customs specializes in various race boat services. We have an excellent team and provide customized boat lettering for an effective advertising campaign.

Music to my ears as the boat passed in front of the shoreline heading into turn one!

Howie Benns

Also one of the hydrroplane renowned recreational activities in the area is the offshore boat racing. Mario Andretti at the Chic Fil A? Red worked as a drop shadow with the gold leaf lettering.

Duh March 17th, So how do you top this? Photo courtesy — F.

Tribute for Howard Benns | Fuller Metz Cremation & Funeral Services

We have two choices usually, one is to contrast the lettering color to the boat surface or come up with an entirely different hue. Howie Benns drove Unlimited hydroplanes between and Safety is the 1 priority of this event. John Russo Lettering August 14, 0 Comment.

Valleyfield has a rich inboard racing history, running all classes of inboard hydroplanes, along with the skiffs and flatbottoms with three full days of championship racing.


Because of the World Championships and all the “regular” racing scheduled, water time for Vintage will be limited at 2 days.

Lauterbach Grand Prix Hydroplane. We hydroplaen a very special event planned for people visiting Tom Adams shop in Port Carling. Hope to chat with him hydrplane in Tavares. Remember meeting him in Port Carling, he was so excited I had come up from Atlanta to the spring tour to see Miss Canada.

He also recalled his memories in SW fl and the climate here. For our APBA vintage race boats, it is the chance of a lifetime to run on the historic Valleyfield course. I hope they were honored to meet you! Return to the Valleyfield Regatta Homepage. Alain Prost at the 7 Eleven? Click here for lots of pictures from last year’s event!!!