All my iron shots have the greatest urge to just go left. Hi Jim, thanks for the comment! You want a slow, controlled swing. GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list.

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I just started playing about 11 months ago.

Golf Tips: Curing a Hook or a Slice

Don’t back off too much but swing with as much authority while still maintaining balance and tempo, tempo, tempo When you do this with an iron it becomes more of hookng where the ball goes low and right very quickly. I used to convince myself that a good slice or hook could come in handy. Hookimg started setting the ball up off the toe of my driver since I ground my driver before I take my back swing. Draw a dot at the base of your lead thumb Draw a second dot on the first joint of your trail index hooing Grip the club and align the thumb dot directly down the middle of the shaft Then, position the index finger dot flush with the trail edge of the shaft Related: When you are trying to correct your path, what are you doing?

Is it possible to slice the driver and hook your irons?

I’ve forgotten my password. I am having a hard time soicing together what you are trying to convey to me but it sounds like a path related issue and when you try to fix the path you might be getting too inside to out but its really hard for me to tell you exactly what to do.


If you are striking the ball from the outside and coming inward, the longer hoiking club, the more likely it will slice, and the shorter the club, the more likely it will hook.

Two things, one, ” My longest drives come from the easiest most fluid swings.

irons left and driver slice

My problem came from too tight of a grip with my driver since I tried to always kill the ball. I play a nike machspeed iron with the factory stiff flex shafts. Growing up I played football, basketball, baseball and soccer. Several functions may not work. What they care about is what distance a club goes on a reasonable strike, ie: Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

Thanks, Patric I will try and get to the range and get some video. Add distance with more core power. Advertise with us Privacy Terms. Both of those adjustments will help you start the ball further to the right of the target and curve the ball less.

My “average” with my 3 hybrid may be counting my bad shots but it’s still my club. Please log in to reply.

Anyway, until you groove your swing and swing alicing in control at least for me you might see a difference in your driver swing versus your iron swing. I was a switch hitter equally bad from left to right, and I could slice the ball right-handed, hookimg hook it violently left-handed.


If you understand ball flight laws, it is very easy to see why this is a common occurance. Hence, what you are trying to correct or how you are trying to correct it maybe not be the root issues. Essentially it’s a swing issue, borne of an outside-in swing plane.

How to Grip a Golf Club: Fix your slice and hook

You are aware that your path is most likely outside to in but the hard part is to diagnose why that is. Related Posts Find the Right Clubs Nothing beats the classic look of blade irons, except the forgiveness of Iroms times are GMT I play the ball off my right heel and the one driver shot I did move the ball to my big toe and it ended up a low hook.

Guru, I am tipping that it probably will even more. Posted 13 January –