Googled around and i think it is something to do with the driver. I have read online that the card only supports i and amd I tried using the non-raid mode again after flashing to the RocketRaid v 1. If not send an email to “rocketraid at mark. What I have seen so far. The time now is

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Any chance I can get this working on Embedded? However, this would not work consistently.

RocketRAID 272x/271x Series

The latest version of open source rr26xx driver 1. I tried using the non-raid mode again after flashing to the RocketRaid v 1.

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. September 8th, 8.

The name and version DKMS should associate with the module. This helps the kernel to auto-load the module on boot, and put it in your initrd file to be available at that time. Need to make sure kernel headers are installed” Download the driver source from Highpoint: Thanks in advance for your answers!


HighPoint Global website

Join Date Aug Beans However, the changes required to the source code are fairly trivial. Tags for this Thread rocketraid. Purpose This mini-howto is intended to help others avoid the frustration I went through when updating kernels rocketrakd having my root partition on a RocketRaid mirrored drive.

June 28th, 3. I use the “legacy” non-RAID rocketraidd that forces all disks to be recognized as pass-thru devices for direct disk access, but the RAID driver works in exactly the same way.

RocketRaid – Community Help Wiki

Lijux my i5 system not work with this card? For some reason dkms will not copy object files. I will post any progress I make. RocketRAID 27xx controller driver v1.

Also noticed now that I am using the updated firmware the boot screen seems a rovketraid delay and no output. My drives Imported just fine into N4F. It shows that FreeBSD 9. To be clear, I updated the bios, built the 1.

RocketRaid 62x and 64x Driver

Truth is I was in a hurry, this was needed for production quickly and I had already spent more time than I could afford so I chickened out and used Ubuntu Server with Ubuntu-zfs, samba and netatalk. I have a weird problem getting it to work actually: Flashed the RR rlcketraid again today. The bios attached is v1. June 27th, 2.


If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! Otherwise, you may or may not be able to boot off of any disks attached to the controller s. To make sure it works and to install the module into our current kernel, we can instruct dkms to build and install the module: These instructions are a bit dated, and some success may be had using a variation or combination of these with the RocketRaid 62x instructions above.

It will also use DKMS to compile the module for future kernel update automatically. I am hoping to learn more tonight after work.