I don’t know what the XPS satellites look like on the inside, though, because they’re factory-sealed, and I didn’t feel like sawing one open. The XPS sub still gives you the usual choice of not very much bass, if you set the bass knob to the 12 o’clock mark, or a hollow resonant mid-bass mess if you wind the bass all the way up. The XPS looks good, sounds good, and doesn’t cost much. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. The thing’s not magic , mind you.

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HERCULES XPS Surround Sound System

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. XPS This is a good looking speaker system. These drivers have the same dual-magnet arrangement as the XPS subwoofer driver, but they hide it under a metal cap, like most magnetically shielded speakers. I wasn’t overly optimistic about the sound quality I’d get from the Hercules speakers. Watch it live here by John Falcone.

Hercules Computer Technology Speaker XPS User Guide |

Solsman Dec 6, For plain stereo music, the wins narrowly if you want bass, and the wins narrowly if you want anything else. First, the cheaper ones.

Smart Home by Rick Broida Nov 14, The lagging over the port is a good thing; it helps to reduce “chuffing” noises when a lot of air’s moving through the tube, as it will be whenever the sub’s working hard. Alexa’s music-discovery flow will now be like a conversation, asking you questions and playing song samples to land on tunes you actually want to hear.


It needs to be half the price, to compete properly. Skype and Alexa are now ready for your sweet talk The new skill rolls out this week, in time to “Alexa, Skype Grandma” during the holidays. How much noise you get per watt depends on the efficiency of the speakers, but unless your speakers are unusually inefficient, you won’t be using more than five watts RMS total, for normal listening.

Driver Details 1st speaker Driver Type. Since the controls are on the sub, you’ll probably once again either be leaving these speakers on all the time, or learning to operate the power button with your foot. This may be a very good product, but I have a deep-seated philosophical objection to karaoke, so I’m afraid I can’t say any more about it.

Nowadays, stereo expanders use funky digital signal processing hercule to widen the soundstage without assaulting the sound too badly; they don’t help you realise a pin-sharp stereo image, but they’re perfectly acceptable for most listening material, and they’re great if you want a big airy sound from satellite speakers sitting on your desk.

There’s a DIN connector into which you can plug a supplied breakout cable – see below. Peering into the XPS sub, you can see the back of the four inch bass driver.

The G9 input is still analogue, though, not digital; the XPS has no surround decoding features. Since there’s no simple stereo-through-all-speakers button on the XPSthough, you must connect it to a true five x;s source if you want all five satellites to make a noise. The electronics module in the is more substantial than the one in theas you’d expect, but Hercules still don’t make grand power output claims; they say 60 watts total 20 watt subwoofer, eight watts per satellite.


The Gamesurround Fortissimo II is xxps, but not a great deal more expensive.

Skype and Alexa are now ready for your sweet talk The new skill rolls out this week, in time to “Alexa, Skype Grandma” during the holidays. Well, not a proper low-bass-only subwoofer; you can only get so much from a four inch driver.

Smart Home by Rick Broida Nov 14, Best way to know if you bought the right audio system Heecules way to know if you bought the right audio system by Steve Guttenberg.

Apart from the slightly elderly drivers, the two Gamesurround CDs are very similar, and neither of them are particularly exciting. Many computer speakers have no lagging in them at all, which makes them more efficient louder for a given power inputbut also herciles them more resonant, which is bad.

Power Device Power Source. There’s nothing about these products that means you have to buy them together, but each speaker set is quite nicely matched by one of the sound cards.

What Hi-Fi?

The Fortissimo II has as many features herules are needed by most people who buy top-of-the-line sound cards with separate connector panels. Music by Joan E. Speakers by Steve Guttenberg Dec 8,