First, it has to be the usb version, the gameport’s a doorstop under anything other than 9x. For the driver reinstalling its self, it is strange I don’t have that problem You need to replace the usb human interface one, not the hid-complient game controler, and then you should be good to go. My printer allways prompts for new driver on every reboot, but I think its because I plug it into my old scanner. This will prevent windows from finding an old driver and replacing it. Yeah, either that or unplug it before you turn the PC on.

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Still, it’s a logical setup, and anyone who’s familiar with setting up SideWinder profiles should have no problem getting this one to obey. Oh well, when you compute with Microsoft: I get the same reinstall issue with the thrustmaster dual force controller. Windows will install it as a human interface device. The Rumble force action is very cool and it really helps separate this kind of gamepad from the pack. What you have to do is a major pain in the View answer in context.

I have this gamepad too and have the same problem in WinXP. The spec and requirements list, for those of who enjoy information popped out in little black dots, is:. I might just update to 1. By design the controller is packed, and the interface compliments the controller well.


Does anyone have the Interact Hammerhead FX USB?

Morgan I downloaded the program, and within the program itself my gamepad works fine and responds to all the buttons I press. And when I say options, I mean options.

The strange thing Bammerhead found was that the usb was just an adaptor for the game port plug. I mean most gamepads cannot begin to operate in other arenas like Wheels and Flight – and this gamepad can do it very nicely. This will prevent windows from finding an old driver and replacing it. Helpful answers Drop Down menu.

F1 World Grand Prix was a bit too sensitive as well, but the button setups were nice. They usaly always work due to the hamerhead that XP was built off of Windows Thanks for your help I coiuldn’t get it too work. You must log in or register to reply here.

I tried the adaptor on the old pad and it did not work, just like Interact said would happen. GPW, you’re replacing the wrong one. It is a lot of controller for the money. That’s not exactly true.

The see through plastic case brings out the kid’s curiosity in me – fx-ueb just have to pick it up and look to see how this thing works. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.


I’m sorry, but nothing beats the PlayStation dual analog controller when it comes to a perfect gamepad package. You can record multiple moves and assign them to any button. Let that finish and then go into the device manager.

InterAct HammerHead Fx (USB) Free Driver Download for Windows XP () –

All manual s and accessories s must be included in the original package. I did some searching and discovered that InterAct went under, so a refund is not going to happen. My install was 9. My harware profile gave me this message:. All of the buttons and handles have a nice feel – and wreak of good quality. When the install finishes, you will get an interacct virtual mouse, select the auto, and it should default to interacct virtual mouse, and then it may ask about a standard mouse, again select the defaults these don’t matter much.

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