Read about this change in our blog post. You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. There are no open issues. You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. To achieve high availability and scalability, Network Controller relies on Service Fabric. In Confirm installation selections , review your choices. Because Network Controller is the cornerstone of SDN management, it is critical for Network Controller deployments to provide high availability and the ability for you to easily scale up or down Network Controller nodes with your datacenter needs.

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This communication might be related to synchronizing and replication of data across nodes, or specific communication between Network Controller services.

Install the Network Controller Server Role Using Server Manager | Microsoft Docs

The Network Controller application is comprised of multiple stateful Service Fabric services. Network Controller interacts with different types of devices for Southbound communication. After the computer restarts, log on to the computer and verify Network Controller installation by viewing Server Manager. Northbound Communication Network Controller supports authentication, authorization, and encryption for Northbound communication. Installation of Network Controller requires that you restart the computer after the wizard runs.

X is certificate-based authentication. The Active Directory domain must have domain accounts used for authentication. After the certificate is enrolled, you can configure Network Controller to use the certificate with the -ServerCertificate parameter of the Install-NetworkController Windows PowerShell command.


For these protocols, authorization is based on the subject name of the peer entity. For these protocols, encryption is performed using the certificate that is enrolled on the client or server. Choose the type you’d like to provide: You can use Network Controller to configure and manage these southbound devices so that they maintain the goal state that you have configured for the network. Each certificate must be trusted by the remote peer. When you are using the X authentication method, Network Controller only accepts requests from management clients whose certificate thumbprints are known to Network Controller.

If Network Controller nodes are on different subnets, the subject name of their certificates must be the same as the value used for the RestName parameter in the Install-NetworkController Windows PowerShell command.

Use the following authorization methods for each of the authentication modes supported by Network Controller. Use Kerberos authentication when joining both the management client and all Network Controller cluster nodes to an Active Directory domain.

Network Controller High Availability

To use X, you must enroll certificates to all Network Controller cluster nodes, and all nodes must trust the certificates. We’d hwlozati to hear your thoughts.

The Add Roles and Features Wizard dialog box opens. The following table provides information about Network Controller interaction with different southbound devices. Network Controller Cluster Communication. The following features provide these abilities:.

Although you can deploy Network Controller as a single machine cluster, for high availability and failover you must deploy Network Controller in galozati multiple machine cluster with veerlo minimum of three machines. When you configure three or more VMs as Network Controller cluster nodes, these nodes communicate with each other.


You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. Read about this change in our blog post.

Network Controller Security | Microsoft Docs

For more information, see Install-NetworkControllerCluster. This topic provides instructions on how to install the Network Controller server role by using Server Manager.

The communication paths vezerpo you can secure include Northbound communication on the management plane, cluster communication between Network Controller virtual machines VMs in a cluster, and Southbound communication on the data plane.

The Network Controller server role installs on the destination server, and then the server restarts. For more information about Network Controller, see Network Controller.

Use X for certificate-based authentication for management clients not joined to an Active Directory domain. Do not deploy the Network Controller server role on physical hosts. In Windows Serverthe addition of third party services to Network Controller is not supported. Network Controller communicates on the data plane with SDN infrastructure and other devices like software load balancers, gateways, and host machines.