Computer joystick help and support. Most PC games which support controllers are made with these controllers in mind. It isn’t intended for use on the PC, but the DualShock 4 is my favorite controller anyway. I also found that the triggers offer too much resistance. My fingers tense up after a few minutes of play, which leads to a few too many accidental back paddle presses and thumb cramps.

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That means fighting game inputs might be hit or miss, but at least the cardinal directions are harder to fudge.

USB 2 Axis 8 Button Digital Dual Shock Gamepad Compatible WIN8 / WIN10

Ultra Street Fighter IV is ridiculous with a keyboard. Computer joystick help and support. Furthermore, additional software may be needed to configure the button options. In this case, the standard is the best: I also prefer its triggers and bumpers to the Xbox One’s.

Gamemon Driver Ft2e92 – plprogs

I like a bit of weight in my controllers and mice, but it might not feel good on tiny wrists after a long play session. We recommend By Zergnet. The thing is light, but controllre like a tank, so I have no fear of abusing it.

I also pushed each of the contrroller, triggers, bumpers, and analog sticks down with as much force as I could, and each sprang back as if untouched. Grid Autosport is not best played with a keyboard.

Because the Steam Controller does ultimately occupy a unique space: As a result, the Wildcat settled into feeling more like an expensive, slightly customizable take on Xbox controller design, while the Xbox Elite takes things one step further. It isn’t intended for use on the PC, but the DualShock 4 is my favorite controller anyway. A game which requires excellent d-pad control and responsive face buttons.


Sure, the Steam Controller can control games, but it still feels like an awkward midpoint between gamepad and keyboard-mouse control.

In that article Congroller explain that I prefer the shape and layout of Microsoft’s controllers, but after further testing I’ve decided that when I put aside my personal p-cusb for offset analog sticks, the DS4 stands out. Some online stores give us a small cut if you buy something through one of our links.

But what makes for the best Dontroller gaming controller? After the joystick or gamepad has been installed in Windows, open the joystick or gamepad software to customize the buttons. When I squeeze the handles with as much force as I can, I can barely hear the strain.

Check out our listing of input device manufacturersincluding game controller manufacturers, for links to the company’s website to download the software.

Gamemon Gamepad

The older Xbox pc-sb is still great, but the DS4 is slightly better in a few areas, and the Xbox One controller can’t currently be used wirelessly on PC, which is a major flaw. I’ve used each of its predecessors, the two current Logitech controllers, the Mad Catz C.

At half the cost of a DualShock 4, you lose the wireless capability but still get a solidly-constructed gamepad, and it worked as soon as I plugged it in. And even though tf2e92 DS4 is my overall winner, I’ll probably still use an Xbox controller often simply because I prefer the analog stick layout.


The software essentially tricks Windows into treating the DS4 like an Xbox controller, so just about any game which supports an Xbox controller basically any game with controller support should work with the default profile. For games that do support controllers, we prefer the DualShock and Xbox pads.

These are the best controllers for PC, chosen for comfort, control, and how compatible they are with PC gaming. You may need to perform additional configuration steps to set up your joystick or gamepad to work with games on your computer. The best thing about the Xbox controller is that it’s dead simple to use. If you’re willing to do a little bit of setup work, the DS4 is a fantastic wireless PC controller with all the customization you could want. USB wired Cord length: However, some joysticks or gamepads require you to install the software for them manually.

The triggers have an easy pull, which can be shortened gaame two sliders on the back of the controller.

Check the settings in game and look for a configuration menu or option for configuring the game controller.