Joined Nov 14, Messages 1, Thanks HolyKiller, got my setup done, running 8. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Now you see why I constantly tell people to not go with mini-itx. This is the relevant output from dmesg: Disabled the onboard Realtek and never looked back. Joined Dec 4, Messages 9 Thanks 0.

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Intel NIC vs RealTek NIC – Performance Testing

This is the relevant output from dmesg: Aslo when booting Intel NAS speed test kit it indicates computers with greater then 2GB can skew results by caching files? If you can’t get the Intel NAS tests to run then copy a large 1GB or better file in one direction, rename it and copy it in the other direction. Joined Jul 1, Messages 3, Thanks After some research there sorry, in french: Because i wasn’t able to include a working driver or recompile the kernel, I switched to 8.

Some Realteks and Atheros can closely approximate the performance and reliabilitybut to rule those out if you have a problem, get an Rfeenas NIC. I’ve connected a keyboard and a screen and remove this.

It’s working on my system very well. There’s a reason why the FreeNAS manual recommends against using wifi for moving freenws, it sucks. Now you see why I constantly tell people to not go with mini-itx.


For benchmarks you need the fastest machine you can buy so you can rule out things like a slow CPU from being a potential bottleneck. I was never able to get the GT much higher than what you got, and indeed, the onboard Realtek was realgek in terms of transfer speed.

PCI intel pro/ GT NIC performance compared to Realtek (iperf) | FreeNAS Community

But their reliability is still complete crap and won’t ever be fixed because the drivers will never, ever, ever ever, be adequate without serious help from Realtek.

Joined Oct 8, Messages 30 Thanks 0. Frankly its laughable how many people think they can prove this wrong.

HolyK Ninja Turtle Moderator. I hate short posts that just give the end result without some meat.

The NAS only used Joined Nov frrenas, Messages 1, Thanks Joined Jun 9, Messages 2 Thanks 0. If you get it going let us know crom. I’d do some testing with my Atom system, but since I’m using the sub-optimal 5 disk raid-z2 and I have dual onboard Intel NICs, I’m not seeing these speeds.

I’ve first realize my transfer speed was very slow. If small files are too slow for you the only recommendation I can make is to use SSDs.


You must log in or register to realfek here. Joined Mar 30, Messages Thanks If my motherboard would support it, it would have been interesting to see how much of an improvement I would have gotten if I put in 8GB of RAM. Joined Nov 15, Messages 26 Thanks 2.

SOLVED – Since upgrade, networking keeps dropping | FreeNAS Community

I just did brief iperf tests, but the results were apparent: You must log in or register to reply here. Sorry, it seems that the fastest way to go around the problem is to get a separate intel based NIC. Thanks in advance and have a good day all! Thanks and yes, it took a bit of time to do the work. I’ve spent the last 3 hours looking for a compatible motherboard with low power consumption, and the compatibility list of BSD 8.