February Senior Member Administrator Shoot a message to Mike, he’s still working very hard on the community’s behalf. Had to play with the pci slots on the asus motherboard and the virtuavia chassis irq troubles between scsi, rme, eds, and wifi but once you have it, it’s solid. Mike’s new driver works very well with 64 bit windows 7 here. As for getting help from ID, I don’t know what that will take. So i will purchase it next time, to support Mike and Paris. So there was a little know how in this shop. All working perfectly here on Paris V2.

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A bad taste for the stores that had made the effort to believe.

Fri, 15 May For those updating from 2. I am available for additional information.

The PARIS Forums: PARIS: Main => PARIS Win7/Win8 32/64 driver package available now!

The Forums – and the Wiki – are back! Ron Report message to a moderator. I was thinking that might be an improvement I sometimes get resource constrained with my current system. Actually yes, provided it works.


Ensoniq PARIS

I’m upgrading the store software, so I’m not actually sure if this works yet, but you can read about the driver and the installer here: Also have Texas Firewire card installed. Ensoniq is pure, we like it or not.

I was going pris upgrade the computer and then try running Win98 virtually. Sun, 24 May Let us know if the update has broken anything and we’ll get right on fixing it. This leads to performance and compatibility issues with new PCI interfaces as well as old ones. Our members also liked: See this page for more information on the processand the short “preflight checklist” that will help you prepare and export properly working OMFs from PARIS.

The ASIO driver is separate. Do not expect miracles from EQ or ensoniw. I updated the driver but still minor glitch.

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My OS is Windows 7 Professional 64 bit edition. Report message to a moderator.

There is one comment on this page. Luiz Report message to a moderator. They are very nice and will take care of you. So out of an abundance of caution we’re prohibiting any links to it from the forums anyway and will be discouraging public discussion of any means of obtaining it until ID clarifies its status.


The control surface, the digital patchbay. The better bet would be support intdevices. Great thanks to Edmund and to Brian Tankersley for making this happen!

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Mike, You are running on Windows 7 64 bit how can I do this? Sun, 16 June Any known glitches or conflicts with this system so far, Ron? I like running Paris on win 7 pro As for getting help from ID, I don’t know what that will take. My English isn’t the best, so i don’t understand everthing well, in that way it was not easy to understand the conversation about asio in Forum for me. Fri, 22 May