The Ecolume is designed for permanence. It is the sole responsibility of the end-user to determine their suitability, accuracy and content. The housing is precision die-formed from a single piece aluminum wrapper and is finished with an electrostatically applied TGIC polyester powder coat. I threw some of these into one bank of my roof-light farm at home and turned them on — and the difference was dramatic. Please click here to learn more about this portfolio. An anodized aluminum door frame retains the tempered flat glass lens in the horizontal lamp configurations and a non-yellowing thermoplastic sag lens on the vertical lamp units sag glass on the 23″.

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LEDs emit no ultraviolet radiation or heat into the illuminated area that can cause damage to sensitive objects or fabrics. The entire professional luminaires portfolio at your fingertips Find out more.

We suggest you follow these steps and turn off this setting. But the real sting in the tail was something I has taken the last year to fully appreciate — those units are simply not reliable.

Luminaires eCatalog Philips has consolidated our luminaire product portfolio to offer a simplified, best ecolkme class line with easier and more intuitive access to the full range.

Focusing on increased quality. That additional brightness is certainly in evidence compared to the 4W Ecolume ecolhme, though the differential was relatively small; both Ecolume units are dramatically better than the Cree products. Contact the Techstore should you require more details. Shows the intensity of the light when viewed from different angles.


923 Lumen 15W Cool White Ecolume LED Downlight – White Recessed Housing

The Ecolume features the superior performance, durable construction and installation ease usually found in cutoff luminaires priced much higher. Mouse over the graph for more details. All units have been checked to confirm they are upgraded and include the newer dimmable LED driver. Country Les States – English. The myriad of reflector and mounting configurations offers design flexibility and high performance rarely found in an economy luminaire.

Full Spectrum Ecolume Compact Fluorescent lamps natural daylight

This makes them ideal for use in applications that are subject to frequent on-off switching such a sensor activated areas or thoroughfares. LEDs can be dimmed, very easily.

It is quite instructive to compare the two Ecolume products in terms of their performance in a few different ways. Optimum Handling Solutions conveyor systems – the efficient solution. LEDs light up very quickly, reach full brightness almost instantly, and are not subject to extended delays in cold locations. The Ecolume devices both deliver a practical outcome that no longer compromises the available light in the room, and that does the job … brilliantly.

With a 60 degree beam angle rather than the 38 degrees of the Cree units, the new lamps also eliminated the tendency toward having very sharp shadow edges. Downlights have a narrow range at the bottom in which the light is emmited, this determines their angle.

Lumen 15W Cool White Ecolume LED Downlight – White Gimbal Housing | Jaycar Electronics

Benefits Weather-proof Heat and impact resistant Permits aiming in any direction Uniform light distribution Download Brochure. Absolute Photometry Currently, the processes completed within Revit are not condusive to Absolute Photometry.


Designed by Soanar, it boasts a very user friendly design for quick connection and maintenance. LEDs can be dimmed, very easily.

This involvedbreaking off a pair of metal locking clips in the roof fitting, that lock in a standard lamp, and letting the lamp just sit against the mounting ring using gravity instead.

With a performance life of over 50, hours or 14 years if used normally, the LED Down light series can significantly lower your maintenance fcolume, and saving you the hassle of frequent globe replacement.

For any before-sales enquiry, please make sure the lec number is written. Now lets turn to the outcome in terms of running cost, by looking at the energy needed to run them relative to their brightness.

894 Lumen 15W Cool White Ecolume LED Downlight – White Gimbal Housing

People also read Premium-efficient motor only one part of energy saving equation. You must pay after you have made the purchase.

They run very hot which creates its own set of challengesand there have to be a lot of them in the ceiling to create widespread illumination. I threw some of ecolime into one bank of my roof-light farm at home and turned them on — and the difference was dramatic. Expect dispatch 1 – 2 business days. If you don’t select insurance you are NOT insured. Worst brightness per watt.