Get a better model, when it does feed the paper you get a good print but can take a dozen tries per page. Myxerox shows door open and will not print even though the door is firmly closed any suggestions? Never had any of these issues. Quality of print impressive for the price but printing photo quality images depletes small toner cartridge quickly. I’ve printed and bound some laminated pages this evening in one go.

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It also costs more to fix than a new printer of another brand. Hi Dcouprint, Yes I have had the same issue some time ago. I have great faith in this product and hope it continues to exceed my expectations. Unbelievably fast, had it 3 months with moderate to heavy use and have yet to change cartridge that came in the box.

Did you use genuine Fuji Xerox? Dlcuprint have had a number of paper jams and managed to successfully tear the paper while trying to pull it out, meaning pieces I can’t get to are stuck and need to come out before it will let me print anything else. The problems began when I started printing – nearly every print job fails with a paper jam orange light.

I bought this printer about 6 months ago and was happy with the performance until I changed the cartridge and since then the printer went error; the orange light keeps on and the power light keeps flashing.


RogerLea replied on Oct 13, How many pages are you printing?

Compatible Xerox DocuPrint P205 Toner / Drum Cartridge High Yield [2.2k]

As it was still withing the 12 month warranty I took it back. Write a review on ProductReview. It serves me well! Small table footprint, turns itself to power-saving mode automatically, really silent, prints fast and crisp. Though you probably already know this, you can save on paper with this machine by setting the printer output to odd pages doocuprint first, then placing paper back in the tray, setting to even pages only In summary ‘Good while it lasted’.

DocuPrint P205 b Drivers & Downloads

Pretty fast good quality printing but as absolute pain to unjam. It installed without docu;rint and it performs every time as it should.

In the status is initializing. If you’re not printing too much it will docupring great, but if you’re a regular printer of documents steer clear of it, I have had nothing but problems with it from day dot. I do find I have to straighten it once twice week I have had 2 paper jams so far.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint PB Reviews –

Quality of print impressive for the price but printing photo quality images dociprint small toner cartridge quickly. Get a better model, when it does feed the paper you get a good print but can take a dozen tries per page.


Yahya asked on Oct 15, It felt very hot so I have let it off for over 6 hours now, I have come back to try and print again, but the same thing, Printer is VERY hot and red error light is flashing. It looks fine on screen but doesn’t print well. The manual only suggested the printer to shut off for 10 seconds and on again, but it didn’t work!

Unlike ‘look alike’ toners the genuine product for the P b is unique.

Otherwise, have you tried a different paper brand? Then reinsert same pages as they come out in tray, set to print even pages and reverse order, and there’s your double printing. Great little package to fill the shrinking need for hard copies in day to day business. It has been away for weeks.

And before anyone says “oh but you just got a dodgy one” this is the second one I have docupfint, I returned the first one I bought to officeworks within 3 weeks because of the same problem. Any one can help me out before I chuck this printer away?

One of the biggest pieces of rubbish we have ever bought.