Do you know what mobo’s inside the computer? Update it if necessary. Intel HD Audio introduces side effect of unstable guest graphics display. Hi i have installed 98SE And don’t have the computers sound drivers so i found the driver i needed off. Company Name Phoenix Technologies Ltd. Have you checked that the other “channels” wave, midi etc.

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Run that program in your friend’s computer – it will produce a list of what’s inside the computer.

Thanks for offering to look at these files. Either the card is broken, or the drivers aren’t the right ones, or the download was corrupted, or something’s not configured correctly within the OS, or I tried VLC media player, audicity 2. ON it will be the name of the soundchip ex.: The motherboard manufacturer is TriGem. Download and run Everest in my sig.

I will play around with these and report back later. Available hardware settings are – Host Audio Driver: Intel HD audio but there’s no audio setting in the guest linux: It will be small.


VIA DirectSound AC97 Audio Free Driver Download

How to get sound out on my real host speakers? Intel Whitney i ] North Bridge Properties: Removed VLC – no change.

Run the “issues” function a few times, until it reports “no issues found”. If not, you can repeat the procedure, but try a different driver.

Vendor Phoenix Version 3. In Everest press Computer – then Summary.

The answer to your other questions will be based off the answer to the one above. The large one closest to the Aduio. Hi again all – Try: Problem Less than 4 MB video memory found.

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Let me know if there are special cases you want included and I will generate new logs. Perhaps directsond could also clarify one thing for me. Note if the host is Windows you need to be in the directory that has VBoxManage. Hi i have installed 98SE And don’t have the computers sound drivers so i found the driver i needed off.


98SE drivers wont work AC97 sound [RESOLVED] – Tech Support Forum

Visible Display Size 27 cm x 20 cm Do you know what mobo’s inside the computer? Does that refer to a bit version of Ubuntu installed on bit guest? Please post back, with that report as an attachment. All times are GMT And remember to shut down the VM before grabbing the log, to ensure the log shows a complete session. Problem bit Rendering is not supported.

I can’t find the driver either – need a little more info. Only the CD player has sound working nothing else??

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