Let the watch to charge for 12hours. Citizen Watches Uploaded on Sep 29, I took it back to shop, the guy takes a look at it, and says “you got to wind it every year”. Please note that although it is possibleto use the watch for diving in this state, log data may not be recorded inflash memory during diving. The compact Cyber Aqualand NX can calculate the amount of nitrogen in your system while also performing a wide variety of timekeeping and dive computer features. The Hyper Aqualand or whatever the current equivalent is smaller than the Cyber Aqualand NX – about the size of a regular watch. You currently have javascript disabled.

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If I need a ‘dive timer’ I just put one of my redundant Stingers into gauge The file error aquwland function is also activated andadditional log data is not recorded if the duration of a single dive exceeds 2 hours or if morethan 15 dives are made in a single day. I have known several people who own one and have said they have had reliability problems with the eco drive keeping the watch working reliablily.

I sometimes use it as a bottom timer for deco dives. The data can be transferred to a Windows XP or older computer.

It makes a great everyday watch. There’s probably an answer to this somewhere on this board but in what way is the DCIEM algorith different? Posted 07 March – The Cyber Aqualand NX is a bit chunky but would be OK as an everyday watch and works fine for that purpose for me on dive trips.


A second computer that is the size of a wrist watch and also is a watch adds a further margin of safety. All available over the internet – just takes some time and nerve. It is a computer. It’s a great dive watch with a log function.

Citizen Cyber Aqualand NX Dive Computer Watch Promaster Mg1 Japan Quartz

Here are a few old reliables. Popular Tags watch battery In addition, Cyber Aqualand NX features all of the functions found in a sophisticated dive computer: But, am not fixed on aqualxnd digital watch.

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TamasMar 28, As the watch movements are upgraded and made more sophisticated every year, some of them are discontinued and the next generation movements are replacing them. Although expensive, it seems too good to be true I had a citizen aqualand for 10 years and loved it and how come I have never heard of it????

It happens when battery is not full charged, so do GC just when is very charged. Both of these two divers were experienced with well over dives between them. Dive tables with repetitive dives are not as accurate as a dive computer, so if your computer fails and you go to tables you are at a disadvantage.


The fact that it is titanium and has a quartz movement, makes it bomb proof. Thewatch automatically switches to the flash memory statusdisplay of the system monitor mode when the water sensor gets wet while thiswarning function is activated. There’s no computer but it does log depth and temperature.

Cyber Aqualand Nx – a “real” computer? | ScubaBoard

It’s a quality piece of equipment. The file error warning function may also be activated whenthe water temperature during diving is low. It’s a little smaller than the Rolexes and Omegas that were once so popular with divers who had picked up some money here and there!

Back to The Galley: They say it rivals with the Mares Aqualad and the Oceanic Atom. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

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