I wonder if these later ‘B’ chips worked properly without the above ‘unacceptable’ hassle. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! So first I boot to Dos with a minimal config. Could it harm the card? If you installed the ThinkPad Utility program then you can see the configuration as below. Users browsing this forum: I would greatly appreciate the help.

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Return to General Old Hardware. I found 3 versions of audii firmware for the CS If no firmware file is given it uses version Crystal Everything works fine as long as you don’t use a very old version of the crystal init executable.

CrystalWare CS32BA11 audio driver

SC sound card – what does it do? It looks like you’re new here.

I tried to turn the codec off via the eeprom utility and load dsp only mixer setting in dos. Then follow the instructions to install.


Need help getting windows crystalware audio to work. — WinWorld

When it is booting up I get the message: There are at least 3 different firmwares that come already with software for the MaxiSound. Clipping – When playing midi files with winamp 2.

Check the ‘double’ jumper thats close to the output connectors: Yeah thats a pain really. Anyone got a Soundfont loaded with 94init. The good news first: Has someone tried it? How can I correct it? After a Hardware Reset and the first Dream Initialisation with 94dinit.

Crystalware ™ Audio – Thinkpads Forum

There is a “yellow! Other settings can be odd, check all of them and set them manually if necessary. The driver installed and than when the computer reboots and when i try to get into Windows 3. The Dream has no slider.

Need help getting windows 3.1 crystalware audio to work.

Some times It continues to boot Windows and at other times it hangs up. Have there ever been win 3. My daughterboards are esconced elsewhere now, but maybe I can try another card doing MIDI sent through the EWS line-in, as that suffers the mute bug too. Unable to locate Crystwlware System hardware.


Please read information about the new WinBoards. If you installed the ThinkPad Utility program then you can see the configuration as below. Everything above version 1. crsytalware

Try to audii if it appears on the Crystal Input or later in the routing. The not quite so good news second: The EWS64 Windows drivers are not supported for older revisions. Has anyone tried this? So I tried to get some infos on this mess: The driver was downloaded off of a website archive of the drivers for the ibm thinkpad xd.