I’m quite new to the forums, and I started using Ubuntu not too long ago. Good afternoon guys, Ryan here. I have ubuntu server set up on vmware player at work, and use this to learn the CLI while reading the linux command line and shell scripting bible, and a practical guide to linux commands editors, and shell programming. I was a big fan of windows since my first bought computer in I try to help spreading what I call “The Spirit Of Ubuntu” by making and distributing flyers in my university and to the ones I know. I bid you all adieu and farewell I’m here to meet some new people, maybe make a few friends, ask for help and help other as much as I can.

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Local Area Crea nu4 Driver. My name is Kromgol and i recently decided to try out Linux again, but unfortunately cdea Ubuntu as i do now sit with Arch Linux which suits my needs better. D Apart from Linux, I like hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza Use the os that suits your needs. Hi, I’m new to Ubuntu played with Redhat a few years ago and early versions at school a decade ago.

Crea Z62ha Xp Driver | downloadstilas

You could creaa me Ness or Nessie. But shamefully I have it configured it to be slightly like OSX, only because I’m used to it like that! In the future I hope to be able to contribute to others in the same way I myself have been helped.


I’m really getting into the activism side of free software, and everyone thinks I’m crazy. Hey, I’m new to ubuntu, installed it about 1 week ago. I like things that are fast.: Oh yeah, there’s Ziggy a medium sized tropical turtle.

Crea NU4-E Drivers for Windows 7

But I’m a simple kid for whom a computer is like any other household appliance. I’m cp and I had been introduced to ubuntu at school.

My other passions include sports, mainly football soccerand music. Here’s a link that might be helpful. My father and I, were arguing a lot when I bought my laptop, about whether should I put windows or not on it. Welcome, and is good to see lurkers finally signing up. And I’ve been quiet uneasy about it at first but nonetheless I had loved it little by little.

It’s nice to be here and I enjoy seeing what a Linux based system can bring for me, now xo in the future.


I hope to spend my time crra here learning from everyone After my test drive I asked him where he got it, for I’m kind of interested in buying it? Reasons for your score: Be the first to comment — What do you think? Crea Nu4 E 2. My thanks to all the helpers and moderators in the forums.


Natty seems to run very nicely for the most part. My main interest in trying out Ubuntu is for video editing, DVD authoring and image processing. Wobblybob thanks for your welcome and i will certainly look at the options you kindly provided.

I made a choice to change things up a bit when it came to an Operating System. Nj4, my regards to everyone, hope I’ll find what I’m looking for. I have enabled email on my profile in case someone wanted to email me to talk about computational something or rather.

Ex-windows, curious, and addictive. Or just kicking it back, watching a movie or do the occasional gaming. I’m totally new in the Ubuntu “world”!