A final factor which I love about this club is the stylish head cover, it is magnetic, and unusually protects the shaft as well as head from damage. You could throw any swing at this and the ball still sailed long and straight so impressive is its forgiveness. The unique selling point of this particular offering from Cobra is the much coveted interchangeable shaft technology with two installation positions. Write a Review Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. Another way to combat the wind but it will give you more spin off the club face which makes it a little harder control. The L5 is definitely a lower spin driver and has a much flatter ball flight. More metallic than L

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If you like the noise at impact then we would certainly recommend that you get one in your bag.

The Buzzz Report – Cobra GOLF – L5V DRIVER | Golf Channel

One of the louder drivers on test, but actually our lads seemed to quite enjoy the sound at impact — maybe because they all hit it coobra well. The sound at impact is meagre, it is not a powerful awe-inspiring crash, instead a weak splutter. Not only that, but the Cobra L5V driver has two adjustable shaft settings to optimise your personal ball flight! Did not add any yards to my tee shot.

The MOI gilfnot sure at what weight but I will try to find out. Don’t miss the latest news, exclusive offers and sweepstakes.


Cobra won’t sell extra hosel inserts; this is the only drawback. The L5v has some increased technology in the head but it still feels much the same as the Speed LD.

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The adjustability of this driver is a helpful added feature, but I have found leaving it at zero square works best for me. To optimize distinct ball flights and shapes, Covra Cobra L5V drivers feature an exclusive hosel design that enables golfers to easily adjust from the standard factory setting 0 to an increased draw-biased setting 1. The King Cobra L5Vs clubhead features a Titanium body and face insert, complimented by an ultra-lightweight carbon composite crown and sole inserts.

It also is a lower cobga driver so keep that in mind when shaft hunting for a L5V. L5V is a great driver, very similar to the L4V without the weird “ping” that club made when hit. Your email address You must enter a valid email address.

More metallic than L I really thought that it would be hard to improve on the L4 but I was very wrong.

Even swinging out of your shoes with a siff shaft Cobra L5V you will be somewhere close to the cobar and easily shorten up most par 5’s. Feels light in the hands during swing and consistent, straight hits. The L5 is definitely a lower spin driver and has a much flatter ball flight.

December 4, at The L5V has a two piece hosel that screws apart and allows you to change your shaft and adjust your face angle easily. The biggest difference comes in the interchangeable shafts.


The Buzzz Report – Cobra GOLF – L5V DRIVER

The truth is – You can’t go wrong with either L4 or L I have used the Cobra Speed LD for the last several years. Great club head with options of using different shafts. This is a great club for me! This knowing of the club fitting the idiosyncrasies of your golf swing should give a real confidence boost, however…. Your name You must enter your name.

Cobra L5V Driver Review – Golfalot

The Mitsubishi Diama na shaft is awesome and inspires confidence for me as a mid to high handicapper. I’ve got an 8. It looks good and the distance, ball flight and consistency were the best I have experienced.

Kind of adjustable but I would not buy it for that. This multi-material driver possesses Cobras largest, most-forgiving club face, and also features Adjustable Flight Technology, which allows golfers to maximize their personal distance and accuracy through ball flight adjustment. I think they look good. Strengths — Great options with the adjustability, wide range of shafts available, nice looking.