As previously mentioned we have evaluated many fab house to find the best value to pass on to our Backers. PDF file is available on the Spark Concepts’ website. Reward no longer available. If some issues do arise we will split product into 2 or 3 runs to deliver products to backers as soon as possible. Share this project Done.

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We would build a CNC router for the business. Questions about this project?

CNC XPRO V3 Controller Stepper Driver | eBay

After admitting that it was a custom size cupboard and the xro of sticks in the garage would never be “Humpty Dumptied” back together again, a plan was hatched. Shipping in June and August! Check out the FAQ.

As previously mentioned we have evaluated many fab house cnv find the best value to pass on to our Backers. Learn more about accountability. It’s a way to bring creative projects to life. Estimated delivery Jun To do this we needed a single board solution fully extensible for future development. Nema 17 motor Leadscrew driven Custom designed gantry plates for maximum strength Custom mounting brackets for Router.


Estimated delivery Aug Here is what it should look like when you’re done. Will also include an LCD display to scroll through files.

CNC xPRO Controller V3

We are currently working on the following add ons:. Zeus DIY router kit: We set out to create the only CNC driver anyone would ever need.

My wife would have a cupboard in a few short weeks, and we would have a new toy. You will receive our project updates and a personalized email detailing just how great you are. Dayton, OH Fabrication Tools.

On finishing the hardware fabrication we started looking into electronics and found very little that fit our budget and desired capabilities personally I have never been a huge fan of shield stacks for final products, or wiring two motors to one driver. Early Bird Bonus Round: As with most large scale product, component availability is a major concern. Get everything you need to build the Zeus CNC router in one weekend!


Now Funding Stretch Goal!

Spark Concepts’ jump into CNC began a few months ago after some “minor renovations” to my kitchen left me explaining to the wife why she was missing a cupboard over her range. PDF file is available on the Spark Concepts’ website. If fabrication becomes an xpor we will work with multiple houses to get the orders done right and on time.

Like any husband in hot water, there a was an intense flurry of work for weeks getting the CNC router designed and fabricated. Let the fun begin! Gotta Have It Now: We worked with many PCB manufacturers to find one who could deliver consistently and without breaking the bank. Now Funding Stretch Goal! Boards will ship immediately after the campaign.

Share this project Done. Ships to Anywhere in the world.