I checked this forum but did not find the solution. Internet is working just fine, just for the record. I was about to open the case and unplug E: I’m going to go ahead and finish the unessential updates and I will also reinstall his gpu drivers , I’m of a mind to try the hotfix because why not, and I’m gonna check his boot log just in case something else comes up. The next steps in manually editing your registry will not be discussed in this article due to the high risk of damaging your system. Sunday, June 24, It is possible that the Startup Repair will not be able to fix the problem.

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I tried starting windows normally at first and it didn’t work so I chose the other recommended option of ays windows check for errors, then it restarted and went to the same screen with the same two options so I chose to let windows check again, then it restarted again and after a minute or two it went into system check, it also done this twice and then thankfully it booted up properly and then automatically updated the new drivers it needed for the configuration changes.

I didn’t want to reinstall Windows before monday, in case it will refuse to install, a possibility I’m well-aware of, so he can still use his pc this weekend.


Where can I download classpnp. I assume it was doing a disk repair as the hard disk was busy the whole time. I tried following this guide for repairing the SYS-related hardware device can be extremely difficult, even directly on the Microsoft or related manufacturer’s website.

I cllasspnp had the same problem as most of you, pc going into black screen after ‘windows starting’ screen and hanging at the classpnp.

What is the file?

No participation is required classpjp your part at this time, wait till it has finished and the next window opens. The bios had been set to default and disabled this option stopping Windows 7 booting or reinstalling.

So what was my problem? You can also click the [ ] image to hide the instructions as you proceed through each step. There is complete solution on this site:.

There’s an internet history worth pages on windows 7 and update problems, and at this point I’m beyond wanting to figure out exactly what the problem is without doing a clean reinstall.

This normally never boots as part of the problem. Monday, June 13, Back to Computer Hope. syz

[SOLVED] Windows 7 hang on boot (Classpnp.sys)

I had to do this for vista. Mine had two choices, ‘compatibility’ and ‘AHCI’.

Classpmp de PC and voila the PC recognized the disk and could backup the data. It’s a custombuilt pc and has always worked like a charm, according to him. Scroll down till you find the ISO file you want and double click on it.


Wednesday, February 15, 8: If you would like to learn more about manual registry editing, please see the links below. I had just replaced a bad MoBo with the same exact one,which i have done with systems before,but now gets stuck on the dreaded classpnp.

Saturday, October 1, 9: Restarted and then the system would hang at flasspnp strtup, a brief BLOD would show and the computer would restart. Family and loved ones will always be a priority in my daily life.

How To Fix Blue Screen Errors (BSOD)

For additional help, Corsair has a great video tutorial on how to run Memtest Tuesday, March 16, 4: The remaining residue can be cleaned of the surfaces with isopropyl alcohol. I can’t imagine that a subsystem couldn’t exist to detect certain failures and move on? Microsoft device drivers or sus system files that come as part of the Windows operating system.

Edited by Pimpmuckl Friday, May 18, 2: Reinstalling Windows will sy everything from your hard drive, allowing you to start again with a fresh system.

Had the same problem