Color gradations are 24 bits 8 bits per color, levels to produce approximately You can set the tiles to have the same color density throughout the background, or have the density change gradually from dark to light. Printing one sheet with high photo quality costs less than yen for standard A4 size paper that is same level as ink jet printers. The P showed some “jaggies” when printing image files from the computer at other than the engine’s native dpi resolution. Don’t know about you, but I’m really miffed about this

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Also, camdeia P took up to 90 seconds to move between images on our test media, the only sign of activity being a small blinking light as it accesses the card. Printer functions are controlled via the printer driver software provided on the accompanying CD.

The colorimetric data did reflect the weakness in midtone cyans and greens that we observed visually.

Thus, comparing manufacturer-supplied media, the P comes out looking very good relative to the photo-quality inkjets. Xbox, PlayStation, movies, phones and more Heck, I even threw in a desk.

The Camedia P offers four basic printing modes: Considerably faster than typical photo-quality inkjet printers operating in their “high quality” modes, the P looks like a good choice for professionals or camevia amateurs looking for high-quality continuous-tone photo printing. You can even print without a computer thanks to SmartMedia and PC Card slots, and preview and select which images to print beforehand using the LCD panel. XT2 with 56mm 1.


Olympus Camedia P – 400 Digital Photo Thermal Printer

Submit 4000 News Tip! We did encounter rather anomalous resolution behavior when we printed from the computer either Mac or PC, we tried both and the incoming file was scaled to something other than the engine resolution.

System Requirements OS Required. With postcard and L-size card paper, non-white frame picture can be printed.

Talk me out of sending back my Christmas present. Early market response has been good, and the P’s print quality certainly seems to live up to its dye-sub heritage.

Olympus Camedia P – Digital Photo Thermal Printer | eBay

Ten stamps are provided in the printer’s memory and you can access up to more on the accompanying software CD. Tech Industry by Michelle Meyers Ccamedia 26, The table below summarizes the times we found for printing a couple of different file sizes from both the computer and a memory card. On the other hand, the actual print times are a lot closer to the quoted print time than those of many competing inkjet models. Edges of objects were rendered smoothly, and fine detail in images was crisp and sharp.

The P’s paper l cassette is of fairly standard design, with a dust cover at the bottom to protect the loaded paper. Once you select a stamp you like, you can set the print size 50 to percentorientation, and position on acmedia image. Max Media Size Custom. Cyber Monday deals on storage: The photos camddia show this behavior in two images. It may take several presses before the cancel order registers.


The HP Tango X writes the book on bookshelf printers.

Olympus Camedia P-400 Digital Color Photo Printer

The menu will ask if you want to register the image. Printing from memory cards, cammedia from the host computer in situations where the computer image resolution exactly matched that of the print engine dots per inchimage resolution was everything we camediaa ask for: Cyan is traditionally a tough dye color to fabricate, so this a weakness there is perhaps not hard to understand. In addition, the consumer range price that is extremely affordable compares to conventional A4-size dye-sublimation allows anyone to enjoy A4-size high-quality output.

If you are using a memory card to deliver the files, you must first insert the card into the appropriate reader and then turn the printer’s Mode dial to Input.

OLYMPUS | News Release: CAMEDIA P Digital Color Printer

The freeware Rotater program will let you view the gamut map interactively. If camevia want to print all of the images on the card, you can scroll to the bottom of the Picture Select menu and use the left and right arrow keys to activate the All Select function.

Image Adjustment is the first option in the Setup menu. The jaggies are so small that it’s quite likely many users wouldn’t notice them.