A new CPU may also help with the “hang up” issues you have, since sometimes a computer that hangs or freezes can be caused by hardware problems cpu, bad caps , not software. These apps will allow you to check your Internet speed, get a PC backup and even tune-up your PC performance. The “Unofficial Service Pack”, you can find a link to it by searching this site , will raise the usable limit far beyond what your mobo will support. Basically I just need a faster computer but must do with what I have for now. I don’t know hardly anything about tweaking settings, parameters, all that stuff.

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You should however be able to get it up to Mhz without risk by changing the motherboard multiplier to 5. Board index All times are UTC. Any help is appreciated.

It tends to find a lot of minor problems that are a nuisance to have to sort through; but it is pretty thorough, finding things that other programs don’tat cleaning up the registry, which does btv make Windoze run faster. It’s not that important to me to go through a bunch of hoops to change a bunch of settings. Once you’ve found a speed giving correct results, you should be able to keep it as long as you use the same burner and the same media I’ve always burned my CD’s at the maximum writing speed my system and my CDR can take, which in is only 40x with Nero.


Anyway, Btcc be back. I like to download programs, check ’em out and delete them if I don’t like them.

Supported CD Burners

Finally you can also overclock your processor to some extent. What you do is Double click your “C” drive, then doubleclick “Windopes”, then when it gives bbtc the “Show files? That speed is arrived at by taking the “Front Side Bus” speed, or “Bus Clock” in Megahertz, and multiplying it by a multiplier value.

This weekend I’ll see if I can get some time to check this all out. Hi, Would someone please comment Are they those little sliders? I don’t know bgc exact number, the PC Chips lottery website is down and was a good source of information. Basically I just need a faster computer but must do with what I have for now. Re registry checking software, I use “Registry First Gce3212im.

Jumpers are little plastic plugs with a bit of metal inside them that are used to short, connecttwo upright pins on the mobo.

The information contained on this site is for informational purposes only.

There is also the option of overclocking the “Front Side Bus”, i. Thanks again for all you guy’s help.


BTC BCEIM resources and drivers

Heck, I might even get into that computer tonight!! Sorry I did not answer your question but this will give you and idea of what is going on. I’m brand spanking new here and just want to know if I can speed up my computer. Having done that, do a defrag; and if you have a registry checking program, run it to clean up the registry. I will try the unofficial win 98se upgrade though. Here is some info that might be helpful. In that case, it helps if you shut down ALL other background items that are running when you do your recording.

I have Adaware and Spybot and run them once or twice a week too.

BTC BCE3212IM resources, firmwares and drivers

I mean, really tiny. Even with a brand direct from the manufacturer, you can’t be sure of it. That link bce32122im a good site though, and I think I’ll browse there for a bit and find someother stuff. Thanks again for your help and patience. I can’t even pull up what is on and what isn’t!