If your question was not answered, have you checked other FAQs? Go to the Manuals section. Verify the switch you are using”. I’m using Windows 7. Have you checked the manuals? The error message “command line argument is invalid” appears.

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Contact Us Product Registration Visit www. If ” A port with that name already exists.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Go to the Manuals section. What are they and can I stop the processes from running? How does the information on this page help you?

Changes to the contents stored in the address book do not become effective in the stored speed dial numbers in Windows. When I print a document from my computer the Brother machine brogher not print the number of copies I have selected. If the printer icon is gray and status is Offlinecheck the network connection.

The error message “An error occurred during the installation. Go to the Contact Us section.

To help us improve our support, please provide your feedback below. Verify the switch you are using”.


Scan To E-mail (pc); Using The Scan Key – Brother DCPDN Software User’s Manual [Page ]

I’m using Windows Vista. What can I do to correct this? If your Brother machine was purchased Network Ready, then the IP address can be determined via the control panel of the Brother machine or by printing a Report Page which is called User Settings list or Network Configuration Network Config list or report.

I am using Scan to Email E-mail server function to send a scanned document directly to an E-mail address. EXE processes are running.

The error message “command line argument is invalid” appears. I’m trying to install the driver with network settings, but the installation wizard is not able to locate the Brother machine on my network, I’m getting the message “No devices could be found over the network”. I’m using Windows Vista or Windows 7 and trying to use a Brother machine connected to the network, but the machine stays offline and I cannot print.

The PaperPort Installer doesn’t respond.

Brother DCP-8080DN Software User’s Manual: Scan To E-mail (pc); Using The Scan Key

When I try to Scan to E-mail I get an error saying “the command line argument is not brothre. Related FAQs I cannot print from my computer via network.


Change the Protocol to Raw and click OK to close the driver properties. If the Configure Port Since our provider requires an authentication for the SMTP server, I am not able to use this function anymore.

What brohher I do? Choose another port name. If your question was not answered, have you checked other FAQs?

I’m using Windows 7. Click on Add Port Open the printer driver properties and click on the Ports tab following the first listed instructions from Step1 to 6. If you need further assistance, please contact Brother customer service: Please note this form is visa for feedback only. Contact Us Product Registration.