I’m going to reinstall vpnclient and verify. So I disabled it. I did need all the blacklists. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with your intermitency. I will try using ndiswrapper with bcmwl5 and remove wl to test encrypted communication. After you install it, you should be able to test it out by doing the following:

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Local Loopback inet addr: In another case Dell Vostro I didn’t need to blacklist anything, since b43 was not automatically loaded Today, I tried to sftp to my university and I was getting hung!?!

I did not need any symbolic links as in step 2. But I filed it under ‘low priority’ since my internet connection was working. First of all I’m a complete noob to linux so perhaps someone more knowledgable than I can do a better write up of the hack.

I did need all the blacklists. Wait for my result.

BCM usb Controller using Dell xps m – Tech Support Forum

In my case there was a link 14E4: However, after I have install the Ubuntu 8. When connected, everything goes well. I got my wireless worked finally after several attempts of the steps above. In my case Dell Latitude L the ssb black list only works if b44 is blacklisted also, that’s the regular ethernet card, and b44 calls for ssb. However this thread at the end shows how to remove ndiswrapper and compile a new version which I ended up doing. The DVus laptop I bought came with Vista pre-installed, the ftp site is: Also, before disabling the restricted wl drivers, here’s what lshw -C network was showing: I chose to link my Bmc4310 device to the file pointed to by the link 14E4: I configured my wireless connection as suggested here: I’m still not sure if this step is necessary but I show it anyway.


I reinstalled vpnclient and I can now extablish a VPN with my university. I did get my wireless working however I have no wep or wpa security only open connectionsIf you are using kernel 2.

But last week July 17, I updated my kernel, wich now is 2. Bcm430 addition, sometimes the network connection seems cannot build. Reboot and now I can sftp and ssh to my university.

BCM4310 usb Controller using Dell xps m1530

I used instead of because that is how the device is addressed? So I disabled it. So no cable LAN with the fix above, but that’s ok for me. I suspected something was wrong a weeks ago because my light on the wireless device was orange instead of blue.

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What’s really bugging me is that just last week I sftp’d perfectly fine and I was able use vpnclient to establish a VPN connection to the university. Bck4310 suppose that if your linux detects and loads b43, you do need to black list it with ssb in order to use ndiswrapper.


I had try many time to using different method encryption but with no joy. I’d like to get connected faster. Looks like the restricted wl drivers were messing that up as well.

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with your intermitency. I is Hardy Wireless! I am not pretty sure which method worked: My wireless was still not working: