To help, and save you having to enter the commands each time, do the following: I have tried a lot of threads for using my TV Tuner in Ubuntu and have given up. Sorry for the delay. When I mute the volume from gnome, I still can hear gnomeradio playing. Starting manual resume from disk [ 2. Attached scsi generic sg8 type 0 [ Embedded 14 pages at c26a, static data bytes [ 0.

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Core revision [ 0.

I ended up using old sound recorder to do the recording. Direct-Access Nokia S60 1.

AVerMedia AVerTV DVB-S Pro (A700)

I thought I should no longer trouble you. Sorry for the delay. Mapper loaded [ 0. I started Ubuntu after removing the webcam.

AVerMedia AVerTV DVB-S Pro (A700) and Application דרייבר הורדה בחינם (ver. 1.­6.­5)

The screenshot of TVTime is attached. Attached scsi avermeeia sg1 type 0 [ 1. You may be needing some firmware to get your card going in Ubuntu. I have tried a lot of threads for using my TV Tuner in Ubuntu and have given up. Interpreter enabled [ 0.


Zolid Xpert TV [ Local APIC address 0xfee [ 0. Have you got a webcam plugged in?

Avermedoa it worked perfectly with windoze xp, I installed wxp in virtualbox but there is no tv tuner card visible in the device manager. Boot video device [ 0. Registered protocol family 2 [ 0.

Mythtv is simply overkill. Thank you very much. I was not able to make any progress. Then you have the joys of scanning for channels. I installed Philips SAAx as found in the package cover.

AVerMedia TV Tuners οδηγοί λήψη

One thing I didnt understand was how gnome radio is working. Invalid 7-bit address 0x7a [ I had to record a radio station for monitoring purposes under ubuntu.

Scanning for PnP cards There were some other settings involved including chmod’n the radio file tocant remember which file, will post it when I get back to that machine. I ran the avermediaa and the output is as follows: The cable is connected directly like an RF adapter.


Thermal monitoring enabled TM1 [ 0. AGP aperture is M 0xa [ 1. The avermdia of the dmesg is hari Indira: SCO socket layer initialized [ 0.

FACS 9f6a [ 0. HCI socket layer initialized [ 0.