If you have a laptop that’s getting too hot, try setting the power management profile to low. The above hack for overlays works great for me. Retrieved from ” http: I am going to try. My friend is not a gamer, he won’t care if he loses opengl support over xv support. Make sure both Intel and radeon drivers are installed. Join Date Aug Beans Hidden!

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Views Read View source Atu history. It can be done with the following command: Backported packages for Debian 7 “Wheezy” deb http: If the basic TV configuration appears correctly, but the image does not fit exactly on your television set, you may need to adjust the so-called Overscan. Install the appropriate linux-headers and fglrx-driver packages: The Radeon driver is already pre-installed in Ubuntu.


It gets confusing with all the ati drivers. I installed ubuntu 7. Don’t forget the “. Atl 24th, 2. Video playback with the fglrx driver and apparently all other ATI drivers lack Vsync support and thus tearing. Configuration In most cases, manual configuration for the open source display drivers is not requiredas the Xorg X server automatically detects and configures available hardware. Create an Xorg server configuration file. Submit a new text post.


The display will decompose into row blocks offset leading to an entirely unusable screen. ATIProprietary last modified Unsupported chips Ubuntu This allows you to use the real video overlay on the tv without having the slowdown of opengl or texturedvideo, but it also forces your monitor to use x if you want one connected, but for myth-only boxes it works well.

If c1250 have a display attached to zti vga output connector, you will find the VideoOverlay mode fully functional.

AtiHowTo – Debian Wiki

So I reinstalled completely Lucid using the 32bit this time as suggested. For information on the open source drivers, see AtiHowTo.

Want to add to the discussion? Do any of these support the ati x?

ATI Catalyst Display Driver 9.1 for Linux

The easiest way is to use the command: Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt.

Will keep this updated if I encounter any issues but so far things look good. This is not an exhaustive list.


Supported, but hardware is too old for Unity These cards will not run Ubuntu’s Unity desktop with 3D acceleration. My dad has a 1GHz single core laptop with 1 gig of ram, and a similarly shit graphics card, and he can stream youtube and do other video stuff without any noticeable problems.

Restart your system to enable the radeon blacklist. Debian 7 “Wheezy” deb http: Support for older AMD nee ATI graphics hardware is provided by the xserver-xorg-video-ati driver wrapper package, which depends on three hardware-specific driver packages: Additional configuration information is available.

It contains open source and closed source code.