This addition is clearly a copyrightable change. Hi Why cant you try Madwifi drivers? This option enables the old SoftMAC which is already removed from newer kernels. Wi-fi with ath5k – bad connections after idle Ask Question. I tried the solution detailed here http: Sign up using Email and Password. Last edited by rokytnji; at

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If you agree, would you like to uninstall Madwifi and try compat-wireless?


In many cases, if statements have been created to handle special cases for particular cards whereas in ar5k, an entirely different function is used. Again, there are no additional copyrights by ath5k-driver developers; it appears that the only change made was a renaming.

View LQ Wiki Contributions. I have the same problem. Since much of Madwifi-SVN has code licensed under the GPL, and because we have no revision history between r and r, ath5j would be somewhat difficult to back out changes made at that revision where such changes are copyrightable and released under the GPL. When I booted up tonight, I couldn’t see any wireless networks. They are derived from source code released in conjunction with the Atheros proprietary HALs that were once the focus of Madwifi development.

Clarifying the ath5k License.

This option enables the old SoftMAC stack we hope to kill one of these days. The most substantial and the most substantive changes relate to the generalization of the functions. Kossifidis started from r of madwifi-old-openhal but incorporated various components from other parts of Madwifi-SVN.


Patches for kernel inclusion should be mailed to the linux-wireless mailing list, but we have a separate list to discuss ath5k related things and for a first review of ath5k patches:.

However, the primary permanent public hosting of this work appears to have athh5k on when Luis Rodriguez imported code into madwifi-old-openhal in Madwifi-SVN at r Ath5k-branch was started by Kossifidis on at r As ath5k is now a driver in arh5k wireless So to get it back, I plug in the wired, press the toggle switch, then I get my wireless.

Hardware encryption is enabled again, by sharing code with ath9k. Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies. The copyright notices for all such contributors should appear in this file, but those examining the file should note that the copyright does not actually cover the facts that the file presents, only the arrangement and descriptions of those facts.

This is a collection of bug reports both unresolved and resolved to help users track issues and to find patches for fixes which have not yet been merged. While it would be difficult to use the ath5k-branch for such collaboration, some developers have indicated that this branch can be retired. The full branch is available for browsing wlreless http: With regards Dr Kurian Microsoft gives you Windows You do not need this.


en/users/Drivers/ath5k – Linux Wireless

The two files are presented in mostly the same way, with a global rename of the various constants. Here’s my terminal output from iwconfig and ifconfig I’m not sure which other outputs you’d like to see: Sidebar Users main page. Ath5k-driver is currently carried by Linux developer John Linville in his wireless-legacy git repository 1 on ath5k-branch. It couldn’t connect eventually asked for my password.

Jiri is now part of the MadWifi team and we are working together on advancing ath5k. Access Point Mode enabled in Linux 2. In many cases in this file, the ath5k-driver function represents a merger of ar5k functions that were unique to specific chipsets. Atheros “ath5k” Wireless Not Working Okay, after a reboot without my cable plugged in, I had the same issue as in my post above.

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