I’m not sure I actually got the cedarview driver my knowledge of the graphics drivers is a haze However, it’s not perfect. Do you think Lubuntu I was able to start up in terminal mode through the “recovery mode” option at GRUB and uninstalled the packages; but that didn’t help. Email Required, but never shown. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

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Then I install it without making any xorg.

Wireless LAN Soft blocked: Hotkeys, sleep, certain types of videos, bluetooth, card reader? I have Asus c with N processor. Welcome to Our Community While Linxu. Thanks again for your help!

It can be enabled but I tried and the desktop did not boot; I wasn’t interested in trying further 3 I think so: However, now that June 17th, 3. When you start the computer in “normal” way, are you able to open a text shell with Ctrl-Alt-F1? Ciao Ettore, glad I could help! June 16th, 1.

Ubuntu shows very large images and Mint works very slow and shows warning that it is running in developers mode. I also appreciated you wrote in english; I wrote it in english for the same reasons: Thanks for your help!


Alternatively, you could reinstall with the 64 bit release. Now I’m off to fix the next headache Sign up using Facebook.

ASUS EeePC wireless problem |

It it is nothing it is very odd In order to keep the retail price of their netbook low and therefore, competitive Asus did not want to pay full price for the CPU, so it negotiated with Intel, who agreed to lower the price of the CPU.

I was able to start up asu terminal mode through the “recovery mode” option at GRUB and uninstalled the packages; but that didn’t help. Running mint 15, installed with a res of x but all my videos are choppy, Utube works but films stutter along, can you talk me through how to fix it? Even the Fedora bit version won’t launch. Hi Dario, thanks for the info on 3D, can you provide any link I can look up?

I plan to take out the HDD and install the correct information on it, then put it back again. Find More Posts by eudemonis.

Tried Linux Mint as well as Ubuntu The computer is unresponsive, except the little square can be moved by the mouse, and the brightness adjust keys work! Another confirmation that theese drivers will probably not EVER get better: Whatever fits the task best Posts: Strange problem considering that both players use the same mplayer backend.


All you need to do is to install and to use lxdm instead of lightdm. lknux

ASUS EeePC wireless problem

Though, there is a minor issue that I’ve not been able to solve. Hi, sorry I didn’t specifically test battery life, but I can generally tell you that it seems mostly comparable to Windows; I have 1GB ram so Win 7 is not an option, you can strip it down but it is still too heavy, it starts swapping too easily, becoming almost unusable.

I also tried switching the output module from xv to vaapi, entering the extra commands, without results. I tried once and all I got was black screen or flickering graphics and really poor performances anyway, even with simple models.