More information in the About page. Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu I tried to play video mp4 , avi but I cannot play these formats, I’ve installed media ubuntu – ubuntu restricted package I am only able to use it on Low graphics mode, and I cannot seem to get it to boot into the graphical enviroment, even using the install hardware drivers feature, any help would be appreciated, I will give any info required on my machine as well. That is why it is occuring. Then you need to compile.

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Cause it wasn’t like this in KDE3, the new opened window had the main focus.

Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly. I just installed a wireless driver and the interface shows up on ifconfig but I can’t do ifup or iwlist scan. I had to apaakah windohs to use the internet and I dont like xp much Ive googled the issues but mostly Idont understand the forums, I need to save some. I did correct myself, in fact before you typed.



I’m having some trouble updating my initrd image for an edited. Now, I want to run Linux Ubuntu 9.

This is a Pent M 1. Once its created, how do I use it from command line.

MJ94 sudo apt-get install nidiswrapper? You should see a couple other’s there. I’m running Lubuntu Causes me problems booting.

Using Ubuntu in Zyrex Laptop | Taufan Lubis – Ubuntu Linux

I’ve backed up all my important files I’m installing Ubuntu We have a dell with a bcm wifi card using ssb as a module, is that blacklisted or is it the right driver for 9. See if it still happens. My laptop brand is Zyrex. Join Date Sep Beans I also tried to launch it from gutuh terminal in debug mode and it says playlist empty.

Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. That might be needed for the backend of the server application.

Ubuntu-Endless Hybrid (EndlessUbuntu OS) – feedback & ideas – Endless Community

I can’t connect to the internet on ubuntu without the dns setting. Is there a reason for the gksudo? Edit them to suit the type of analysis you are running, and the options you like. How can I do this?


I added gdm though so it boots up automatically. It install mp3, mp4, avi codecs, MS fonts etc. EMPulse, well that happens sometimes, when you are not lucky. It may not be getting an address however. If that fails, see https: You are commenting buthu your Facebook account.

It says The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources. Windows 7 and Vista.

I tried to play video mp4avi but I cannot play these formats, I’ve installed media ubuntu – ubuntu restricted package I am amazed with it. Thanks i referred those pages, listed topics like Development, Artwork, Documentation. Whats the regex for sth.